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Slate memorial plaque - Richard Marriott

Slate memorial plaque - Richard Marriott



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Found in a storeroom off the Tower moat amidst assorted old building materials in the 1970's.

Physical Description

Memorial plaque for Richard Marriott, Clerk of the Works to the Board of Ordnance, who died in May 1738, aged 31.Erected in 1739 by Peregrine Bertie. Originally in the Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula in the Tower of London.


Dimensions: Height: 710 mm; width: 525 mm; depth: 20 mm


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Label for XVIII.144 and I.231,13 when on display together in 1997-98, read -'Richard Marriott had been employed by the Ordnance Office since the last years of the previous century, but Peregrine Bertie does not seem to have held an Ordnance position, although Charles Bertie had been Treasurer in 1681-1699 and 1702-1705 and the connection may have been a family one.' (S.Barter-Bailey?) However this Richard Marriott died in 1738 aged 31. Another Richard Marriott was Second Clerk in 1691-1699 and in 1705; and a James Marriott was Second Clerk in 1703-1705; so the possibility of a family connection remains. See 'Guns and Government' by H.C.Tomlinson, 1979.