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Combination trench dagger-bayonet (Demag-Dolch)

Combination trench dagger-bayonet (Demag-Dolch)


These multi-purpose weapons were officially purchased by the German war ministries and issued to assault troops (Stosstruppen and Sturmtruppen), as Germany recognised the need for a more handy weapon than the Mauser 98/05 bayonet. Available for private purchase, machine gunners often wore them as a side-arm, alongside the Parabellum Pistole 08. Orders from the War Ministry in Berlin saw these weapons gradually issued more widely to standard infantry, in addition to assault troops and machine gunners. On 8 May 1915 six of these knives were issued per Infantry Company, with this being doubled to 12 on 29 February 1916 and again doubled to 24 on 26 June 1916.  This rapid scaling up of official issue of the weapon coincided with increased trench raiding.

Use and effect

It seems that these weapons were issued, and privately purchased, as both bayonets and trench daggers - not just as a substitute for both.  Photographs exist of the Demag-Dolch being worn alongside both bayonets and the more common standard German trench dagger.

The tradition of combined combat dagger-bayonets persists today, as almost all the bayonets issued with contemporary infantry service rifles fulfil this dual function.


Blade length 13.9 cm (5.47 in)
Country of manufacture Germany
Date entered service 1915
Manufacturer Demag, Duisburgh
Overall length 25.4 cm (10 in)
Primary operator Germany
Weight 220 g (7.7 oz) (without sheath)


Henry Yallop