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Treasures of the Royal Armouries

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15th century German High Gothic armour for a man and horse armour
Soviet AK assault rifle captured during the Vietnam War
Rare 17th century Italian ‘assassin’s’ crossbow
18th century Indian bronze mortar in the form of a tiger, possibly created for Tipu Sultan, the Tiger of Mysore.
20th century British ‘Sealed’ Pattern 1908 Mk1* Cavalry Trooper’s sword
17th century flintlock sporting gun by Jean Conrad Tornier
16th century Japanese armour (mogami haramaki gusoku)
17th-18th century (Mughal period) elephant armour (bargustavan-i-pil) and tusk swords
Late-9th to early-11th century (‘Viking’ period) child’s sword
19th century Armstrong 7-inch rifled breech-loading gun
German jousting saddle for the Hohenzeuggestech from about 1400
British 18-pounder Field Gun and British 18-pounder Limber, 1918
German 16th/17th century rapier designed to extend in length
Late-15th century Syrian handgun
16th century light field Armour of Sir John Smythe
18th century 4-pounder Carron Swivel gun and 68-pounder Carronade
Henry VIIIs 1540 armour for field and tournament
16th century Japanese armour presented to King James I by the Shogun Tokugawa Hidetada in 1613, via Captain Saris of the East India Company
A section of Gerald Bull’s “Iraqi supergun” created for Project Babylon
16th century embossed buffe by Filippo Negroli and brothers
Stave of a Tudor longbow, from the Mary Rose
15th/16th century Italian ear dagger
17th century armour for a boy, probably Henry Prince of Wales
20th century whaling or harpoon gun
17th century Edo period Japanese dagger with a European, Solingen blade
Armour of James II of England and VII of Scotland
17th century mother of pearl sporting crossbow
17th century presentation Flintlock Sporting Gun, by Henry Crisp for George Legge, 1st Baron Dartmouth
18th century Burmese cannon in the form of a dragon’s head
16th century European Boar Sword
Ewart Grogan’s 4-bore double rifle by Holland & Holland
A ‘Tommy gun’ smuggled to Ireland
15th century sallet attributed to Domenico dei Barini detto Negroli
18th century fencing manual by Domenico Angelo
Sword and scabbard presented to Vice Admiral Collingwood for his role at the battle of Trafalgar
Pair of pistols belonging to Captain Robert Fitroy of HMS Beagle of Charles Darwin fame XII.1387 and XII.1388
A near contemporary painting of the battle of Pavia, showing one of the earliest defeats of armoured cavalry by infantrymen armed with firearms
Golden armour of Charles I
European Medieval sword with Arabic inscription
Two scythes blades, fitted to hafts by the Duke of Monmouth’s rebels, captured at the battle of Sedgemoor, 1685 VII.960 and VII.961
Pair of muzzle-loading double-barrelled flintlock pistols by Ezekiel Baker for the Prince Regent, later George IV
Matchlock breech-loading gun of Henry VIII
German 15th-century painted sallet
Yuan Dynasty (13th–14th century) helmet or zhou
Pocket set of tools made for the Medici family
Henry VIII’s Tonlet armour
Colonel Burne’s presentation sabre
Duke of Wellington’s telescope
Heavy Cavalry sword of Sgt Shaw’s who was killed at the battle of Waterloo
The “forget-me-not” gun
Horse armour of King Henry VIII, known as the “Burgundian bard”
Henry VIII’s silvered and engraved armour
14th/15th century early hand gun known as the “Danzig handgun”
Late-14th century bascinet with ‘houndskull’ visor and aventail, known as the “Lyle bascinet”
Greenwich field armour and horse armour of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester
Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk’s Lance
15th- or 16th-century Grosse Messer
Portrait of Robert Radclife, Earl of Sussex “the white knight”
Tudor basket-hilted sword  and Welsh buckler
Henry VIII’s foot combat armour
Mamluk-Ottoman sword or kilic
Flintlock muzzle-loading sporting gun by Bertrand Piraube
The “Furies gun”
Greek Antique armour
FN Baby Browning
Flintlock muzzleloading gun by Nicholas Noel Boutet
A rare Scottish flintlock long gun by James Low and a ‘Fish-tail’ butt pistol by Alison
Self-rotating ‘snaphaunce’ six-shot revolver possibly by John Dafte
A pair of exquisite flintlock pistols probably for King William III by Pierre Monlong
Mons Meg
Painting of Louis XIII of France
A Ming dynasty Tibetan sword
King Louis XV’s boyhood flintlock gun by Johann Sebastian Hauschka
Flintlock sporting gun by William Mills
The Tula Garniture of Empress Elizabeth of Russia
An experimental Maxim machine gun
Armour and helmet from Tipu Sultan’s armoury
A prize-winning exhibition gun by LePage-Moutier
The ‘Warwick’ shaffron
The ‘writhen hilt’ sword
Roman “Pompeii” gladius
The Tower Fechtbuch I.33
The ‘Millennium’ gun
The ‘dragon’ saddle
Winged gilded lion of the Evangelist St.Mark
A presentation pair of Colt model 1861 Navy revolvers to Mark Firth Esq. of Thomas Firth and Sons, Steelmakers, Sheffield
Quoit turban, dastar bungga or ‘Fortress turban’
The golden armour of King Charles I of England