Tower Armouries - Armoury

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Tower Armouries - Armoury

Tower Armouries - Armoury




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This sub series contains images that relate to the historic displays and objects in the Horse Armoury, New Horse Armoury, Norman Armoury, Spanish Armoury and White Tower.

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  TA PED/ARMOURY - Tower Armouries - Armoury
TA PED/ARMOURY/45 - The Horse Armoury in the Tower of London
TA PED/ARMOURY/69 - Horse Armoury at the Tower of London
TA PED/ARMOURY/266 - Line of Kings
TA PED/ARMOURY/277 - Line of Kings
TA PED/ARMOURY/280 - Exterior of New Horse Armoury
TA PED/ARMOURY/321 - Horse Armoury
TA PED/ARMOURY/327 - The Horse Armoury in the Tower
TA PED/ARMOURY/348/a-b - Objects displayed in the Spanish Armoury at the Tower of London
TA PED/ARMOURY/354 a - Horse Armoury
TA PED/ARMOURY/354 b - Horse Armoury
TA PED/ARMOURY/357 - Six Views taken after the Great Fire at the Tower of London on the 31st October 1841
TA PED/ARMOURY/525 a-c - The Norman Armoury
TA PED/ARMOURY/526 a-b - New Armoury
TA PED/ARMOURY/984 i - New Armouries
TA PED/ARMOURY/984 ii - New Armouries