File containing miscellaneous correspondence, notes and photographs relating to JGM's acquisitions

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File containing miscellaneous correspondence, notes and photographs relating to JGM's acquisitions

File containing miscellaneous correspondence, notes and photographs relating to JGM's acquisitions


MANN 23/10



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(1) Photographic printer's wallet containing a photograph of JGM in armour, dated 'Henley c. 1920', with negatives;
(2) Photograph of a composed half armour, with details of composition on back;
(3) Photograph of an unidentified chanfron. Prob. JGM's;
(4) Photograph of 'my globose breastplate', with a note of its possible provenance from the Londesborough and Noel Paton collections;
(5) Two views of a spear-head with brass inlay from the Berlin Zeughaus;
(6) A pen and ink sketch of a half armour on a stand, signed J.G. Mann Jan. 1916;
(7) An envelope labelled: 'Labels from Max. cuisses & epauliers Lot 24, Christie sale (Radziwil Armoury) 29-vi-1926';
(8) Cutting from a T.C. Godfrey book catalogue for a copy of Meyrick's Critical Inquiry, dated Feb. 1928, with a note 'bought by self [L7/10/-] & placed on the table at the dinner of the Meyrick Society at the Carlton Hotel 1931'[end] Envelope containing a letter from the dealer Furmage, labelled 'Furmage: standing offer to take back Cominazzo pistol if desired', postmarked 17 Nov. 1930;
(9) Shipping invoice from Oscar Harris, Son & Co. for delivery of a Viking sword from Kahlert to Furmage, dated 29 Nov, 1928;
(10) Small file of correspondence relating to purchase by JGM from the Pitt-Rivers collection, July 1930;
(11) Letter dated 19 November, 1930, from Fenton & Sons forwarding 'the Pembroke knee-piece' (JGM note: 'with P on it) and listing other 'pieces which were with it'. A note by JGM: 'NB. These pieces were for many years in the hands of Johnson & Sons, who had a shop full of old iron etc. in Wigmore Street (now occupied by Jade). M. found it about 1926, but old Mr. Johnson would not sell except at a high price & then en bloc. He said that he had bought them from Sir Neville Wilkinson, brother-in-law of Lord Pembroke. When he died in 1930 his sons sold up the stock & Fenton bt. these pieces of armour. JGM';
(12) Small file of correspondence between JGM and the dealer H. Furmage about a gauntlet, Lot 183 in the Burke Sale, Christies, 5 May, 1931, for which Furmage had accepted two commissions;
(13) Manuscript draft of letter dated 26-vi-31 to Charles Beard, discussing the coat-of-arms 'on my lance-rest', with a carbon copy of the result of CRB's attempt at identification;
(14) Letter dated November 26th 1931 from the photographer E.C. Nunney, 6 Birkbeck Way, Greenford, Middlesex, sending a print of 'Stirrup which you so kindly ordered', attached to index card describing an enmalled stirrup, English, c. 1650, which was later exhibited in the Charles II exhibition of 1932 and illustated in Charles Beard's article in the Connoisseur (July 1932), 'More about Surrey enamels' and a card entitled Photographers of my collection [E.C. Nunney and Wallace Heaton, New Bond Street];
(15) Index card transcribing the 'Inscription on blade of Blake sword bt. from Hunt of Acton [Surgey] & given to C.D. 1932';
(16) Photograph of the bascinet, described by Charles Beard in the article 'Vicissitudes of a helmet' (Connoisseur, April, 1933), with the 'camail' and visor in position, with index card giving provenance details;
(17) Small file of correspondence with Sothebys, May/June 1933, about a pair of gauntlets which JGM had bought at auction and considered to be fakes wiched to return to the vendor. The gauntlets were eventually returned, but Sothebys sent a formal protest: 'As is well known, purchases at an auction sale are made 'as seen' and without recourse unless an express warranty is given. In the present instance not only was no warranty given but by paragraph V of the conditions of sale all warranty is expressly disclaimed. This being so, it is obvious that the seller is fully entitled by law to enforce the contract of sale, and we as his agents have, of course, no power to cancel it...' In a final letter, Sothebys restate their position: 'We have now heard from our client... saying that he does not wish to enforce the contract of sale. So far as he is concerned, therefore, the matter is at an end, but we ourselves cannot pass it over so lightly. It is essential for the conduct of our business that all buyers at our sales should abide by the Conditions of Sale, and we are not prepared to do business with anybody who will not conform to this. We have therefore to inform you that we shall not accept your bids in future, unless you will give us an undertaking in writing that you will do so';
(18) Photograph of the detail of the decoration of a boar-spear, with a letter from Liberty and Co. accepting an offer of L10 for the spear and a detailed catalogue entry, with comparanda;
(19) Cutting from The Connoisseur, May 1934, discussing the 'Arms on [a] Rapier Hilt', from the Baron de Cosson's collection, attributed to the Oelhafen von Schollenbach family of Nuremberg;
(20) Letter to JGM from F. Gordon Roe, dated January 24th 1935, asking for permission to write an article on 'your house, for the series of 'Collectors Homes' which is appearing in The Antique Collector' Pencilled note: 'No. 29-i-35 JGM'.


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Creator(s) Sir James Gow Mann


  MANN 23/10 - File containing miscellaneous correspondence, notes and photographs relating to JGM's acquisitions