Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Letters - Wallace Collection [5]

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Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Letters - Wallace Collection [5]

Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Letters - Wallace Collection [5]




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1936/29: Draft of letter, dated 12 May, 1936, from JGM to 'Dear Sir Robert' [Witt], about his decision to apply for the Keepership of the Wallace Collection. 'It was very kind of you... to offer to convass support among the other Trustees. They are Sir John Stirling Maxwell, Sir Philip Sassoon, Lord Duveen, Sir Alec Martin, Sir L. Faudel-Philipps, Evan Charteris, C.A. St.J. Hanby, Sir Lionel Earle.'
1936/30: Draft of letter, dated 12 May, 1936, from JGM to 'Dear Sir John Stirling Maxwell, dated 12 May, 1936, about his intention to apply for the Keepership of the Wallace Collection. 'I had always hoped that one day I should succeed poor Camp, but when I left to go to the Courtauld Institute I did not expect that the vacancy would occur so soon. I knew that by doing so I was rather jeopardising my chances of succession, but I wanted to get wider experience in a more active field.'
1936/31: Draft of letter, dated 12 May, 1936, from JGM to 'Dear Sir Robert', dated 14 May, 1936. I am convinced that it would really be impolitic for me to send you a list of porposed improvements at H.H. It might so easily be misconstrued.'
1936/32: Letter, dated 14 May, 1936, from John Stirling Maxwell to 'Dear Mr. Mann', from Pollock House, Glasgow, acknowledging his letter of 14th May. 'I need scarcely say that your application for the vacancy caused by poor Camp's death will be very carefull considered.'
1936/33: Letter, dated 21/v/36, from Robert Witt to 'My dear Mann': 'I have written officially & warmly to the Chairman & asked him to bring by letter before his Colleagues on the Board & I am also talking to the other Trustees in the same sense so hope for the best.'
1936/34: Letter, dated 26/v/36, from Robert Witt to 'My dear Mann': 'I have heard from Stirl. Maxwell who has promised me to read my letter about your Candidature to the Board at their next meeting. I head Gibson & Leigh Ashton are both Candidates too, but I hope for the best for the Wallace and for you.'
1936/35: Letter, dated 4 June 1936, from John Stirling Maxwell to 'Dear Mr. Mann', from Pollock House, Glasgow, but on Carlton Club notepaper: 'The Wallace Trustees at their meeting today decided to offer you the appointment of Keeper, subject to Treasury approval. They also decided to limited the appointment to five years at the end of which it would of course be renewable.'
1936/35a: Typed extract of a letter, dated 4 June, 1936, to Sir James Rae, Treasury Chambers, from Sir John Stirling Maxwell, informing him of the Trustees' intention to appoint JGM as Keeper: 'The Trustees also decided to limit the appointment to five years not on account of any doubt about Mr. Mann's ability but because they consider a permanent appointment unwise. If Treasury approval is required for this change I hope their lordships will be able to give it.... I told the Trustees, but not Mr. Mann, that the Treasury proposed to reduce the salary to L1,000...'
1936/36-40: Letters of congratulation on appointment from Trenchard Cox(4 June), Basil Camp (6 June), Robert Witt (8/vi/36), Felix Port [Post] (9/6/36), H. Ishward Keay (National Gallery, 11 June).
1936/41: Letter, dated, from John Stirling Maxwell to 'Dear Mr. Mann', informing him that the Teasury has pointed out that the Trustees decision to limit the appointment to a period of five years renders the post unpensionable and that the salary has been fixed at L1,000 a year. 'The Trustees ask me to express their hope that you may be able to accept their offer.'
1936/42: Draft of letter, dated 23 June 1936, from JGM to 'Dear Sir John Stirling Maxwell' accepting the appointment and the 'risk to my future career which them imply... I hope that my tenure of the post may be sufficiently successful to influence the Trustees at the end of the initial five years to recommend to the Treasury that the post should revert to the conditions on which it has been held hitherto as part of the permanent establishment of the Civil Service.... I am prepared to take over my duties on July 1st.'
1936/43: Draft of letter, dated 24 June 1936, from JGM to 'Dear Lord Lee', informing him of his acceptance of the Keepership of the Wallace Collection. 'The loss of pensions rights is a serious consideration which has made me hesitate to accept a post which I have long hoped I might one day fill...'
1936/44: Letter, dated 25 June 1936, from John Stirling Maxwell to 'Dear Mr. Mann' acknowledging his letter of the 23rd and discussing plans for redecorating and rearranging the Galleries.
1936/45: Letter of congratulation on appointment, dated 27 June 1936, from L. Faudel Phillips, Balls Park, Hertford.
1936/46: Carbon copy of letter dated 29 June, 1936, from JGM to 'The Director of the Courtauld Institute' resigning from the two posts of Depury Director of the Institute and Reader in the History of Art in the University of London.
1936/47: Letter, dated June 30 1936, from WG to 'My dear Mann' regretting his resignation.
1936/48-107: Letters and cards congratulating JGM on his appointment to the Keeepership of the Wallace Collection, from: Dr. George C. Williamson, Mr and Mrs Philip Guedalla, S. Falcke of the Falcke Art Association, H.D. Ziman, Martin Holmes, A.A. Gorden Clark, G.M. Rushforth, G. Catlin, E.P. Goldschmidt, Alec Clifton Taylor, [ ], L. Coad, A.E. Kendrick, John Steegman, Charles ffoulkes, A.H. Smith, Howard Squ[ ], F.W. Dean, W.R. Lamb (Royal Academy of Arts), R.A. Roberts, Ian Robertson (Ashmolean Museum), Angela Mond, Randolph Schwabe, F. Gordon Roe, A.R. Dufty, W.L. Hildbrough, F.M. Kelly, W.H. Quarrell... C.F. Bell, H. B. Johnson (Barking Museum), G.H. Ryan, Basallet [Greetings Telegram], Jack W. Goodison, C.H. Gl[ ]church, R.L. Scott, G.A. Cooke, Carola Lemanton, John Colville, Eric Millar, Reginald Hurd, Janet Johnson, M de Waghenfelt, Herbert Chitty, William King (Oriental antiquities, B.M.), Barnard Ashmole, Sydney E. Butler, William Martin, Harry M.A.C., R., K. G. Johns, Isabella M. Brunton, M.J. Rendal, Evan [?], Richard Barnyeat, Julia a Deak, Stella Locker Lampson, James Laver (V&A), P.E. Mathew, Mabel Newman, Edith Jennings, Rose Graham[end] [NB Some of these signatures and surnames may well have been misread].
1938/108: Draft of letter dated 9 June 1938 from JGM to 'Dear Sir John [Stirling Maxwell]' asking whether the Trustees were likely to object to his applying for the post of Master of the Armouries at the Tower of London which 'will shortly be vacant. ... It is a part time post with a small emolument, & since Lord Dillon's time it has been held in conjunction with a full time post at one of the Museums - much in the same way as the present Director of the National Gallery is Keeper of the King's Pictures. I do not think the duties need conflict with my work here. The present holder, Major ffoulkes, combined it with the Imperial War Museum, which is a more complex department than this. As you know the study of Armour has occupied most of my leisure since boyhood & it would be a matte of pride to me to hold a post which is usually reserved for the leading authority on the subject in the country...'
1938/109: Letter dated 11 June 1938 from John Stirling Maxwell to 'Dear Mann': 'I am sure none of the Trustees would object to your taking on the job of Master of the Armouries at the Tower and I hope the authorities, who ever they are, will have the good sense to appoint you...'
1938/110: Pencilled draft on the back of an invitation card thanking Sir John for his kind letter. 'The post of Master of the Armouries comes under the Office of Works...'
1936/111: Undated letter, acknowledged by JGM 3-vii-36, from Beatrice Spencer at the Courtauld Institute relating to research: 'the Gunmakers Company Minutes are yielding a lost of information and I now find I can skim through them quickly'.
1937/112: Undated letter, with a pencilled date in JGM's handwriting, from F. Carlin, thanking for kindness.

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