Notes relating to, 'Armour - Early Texts - JGM'

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Notes relating to, 'Armour - Early Texts - JGM'

Notes relating to, 'Armour - Early Texts - JGM'


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Files relating to the following subjects:

(1) 'Register of the Freeman of York, Surtees Soc. 1897; Sandford will, Carlisle'
(2) 'Table of Ordnance, XVIIth century'
(3) 'Master Gunner at Chester'
(4) 'Typescript copies:
(a) 'English armour & arms in the reign of Elizabeth & James I'
(b) 'Andrea Ferrara'
(c) 'Armour in the Tower of London temp Elizabeth', by W. Durrant Cooper, Archaeologia Vol. 37
(d) 'Survey of what remained in the Armoury of the Tower 1660' by W. Bray, Archaeologia 11
(e) Ch. Buttin, 'La Forge des Lames' [not present]
(f) 'Roll of armour & weapons provided by the clergy of the diocese of Canterbury 1620'
(g) 'Armour & the N.E.D.'
(h) 'For the Monumental Brass Society - The Nomenclature of Armour - Notes and Final Draft'[
(i) 'Review of Cripps-Day's 'Armour Sales' - The Antiquaries Journal, July 1926'
(j) 'Articles on Arms & Armour for Hutchinson's Pictorial Encyclopaedia; MS and illustrations handed to M. Pyke 30th May 1946' [Illustrations listed, not present]
(k) 'Scott Collection Glasgow'; typescript of article 'Three Armours in the Scott Collection', for the Scottish Art Review, 1956

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  MANN 2/4 - Notes relating to, 'Armour - Early Texts - JGM'