Notes relating to 'JGM - Armourers Workshops'

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Notes relating to 'JGM - Armourers Workshops'

Notes relating to 'JGM - Armourers Workshops'


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Including a file labelled 'Views of Armourers Shops', containing a separate file devoted to 'Jan Breughel the Elder Armourers' Craft; (a) Element of Fire; (b) Sense of Touch.'

Collection of photographs of variants of the subject.

Six prints from the Mendelschen Hausbuch; a photograph of a painting of St. Eloi at an anvil dated 1649, sold at Christies, November 1953 'Bought for the United Steel Companies Ltd., 8-10 Grosvenor Gardens, S.W.1., by Sir George Binney'.

A photograph of the bronze version of Flaxman's shield of Achilles, after Homer, in the Ashmolean.

Also newspaper cuttings, postcards, photographs, a prospectus for Feldhaus Der Technik, including the entry for Mendel of Nuremberg and miscellaneous notes.

Further files relate to the following subjects:

(a) 'A Non-existent Sculptor': typescript of an article about the sculptor of the alabaster effigy of Sir John Salisbury and his wife at Whitechurch, Denbighshire. No indication of the place of publication, if any, but some original photographs
(b) 'The Worcester Gun': hand-written draft of a description, with a photograph of the gun at Worcester, said to have been left by Charles II after the battle of Worcester, which had been shown in the 'Exhibition of the Reign of Charles II', 1932. No indication of possible place of publication
(c) 'The shield of Henry V above his monument in Westminster Abbey': Manuscript 'notes taken in 1936'
(d) 'Russian & Polish armour & beak-faced helmets': miscellaneous manuscript notes
(e) 'Early man; Classical; Pre-Conquest - mostly B.M & V&A.': cuttings and original photographs
(f) 'Manchester Art Treasures Exhibition 1857 - Notes on the armour taken by Cl. Blair from a MS in the Central Reference Library, Manchester. 1949/50.': 20 pp. of manuscript notes in Claude Blair's handwriting
(g) 'Facsimile reprint of 'Von Stahel & Eisen' by H. Williams: typescript of translation and a letter from Edwards Brothers, Ann Arbor, Michigan, dated August 7, 1934, about publication.

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  MANN 2/3 - Notes relating to 'JGM - Armourers Workshops'