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Armour Various

Armour Various


1729 - 1840


CRIP 8/1



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Transcripts of extracts from various sales catalogues in the British Museum and the South Kensington Museum including:

(1) Catalogue of the curiosities to be seen at Don Saltero's Coffee House in Chelsea [Manuscript]. - 1st edition. -- 1729

(2) Sale of ? curiositez et raretez au Carrefour de l'Ecloc, Rue des Pretres, Paris [Manuscript]. -- 1740

(3) Catalogue of the collection of the Duc de Sully be helle and remy, Paris, including "grand nombre d'arme tres curieures et modernes" being lot 786 which was sold for 736s 5d. - [Manuscript}. - 1762

(4) The De Julienne sale in Paris by P. Remy [Manuscript]. - Sale date(s): 30/03/1767

(5) Duc de Caylas sale [Manuscript]. - Sale date(s): 03/06/1773

(6) Catalogue of the 'Rarities' in Mr Greene's Museum at Lichfield by Richard Green [Manuscript]. - 1773. - Together with an original copy of the transcript

(7) Sale of Madame de Pompadour's collection (by F. Basant F. d. Joullain) [Manuscript]. - Sale date(s): February 1782

(8) The collection of Mr Rawle, accoutrement maker, in the Strand, London, in existence in 1786 when Grose published his Ancient Armour [Manuscript]

(9) Collection of Sir W. Hamilton deposited in the British Museum when Grose published in his Ancient Armour in 1786 [Manuscript]

(10) Sale by M. Christie [Manuscript]. - Sale date(s): 08/05/1789

(11) Walker sale by Christie [Manuscript]. - Sale date(s): 26/05/1791

(12) John Alexander Gresse sale by Mr. Christie [Manuscript]. - Sale date(s): 07/04/1794

(13) Leverian Museum sale by King and Lochee [Manuscript]. - Sale date(s): 05/05/1806. - Together an original copy of the transcript

(14) John Chambers sale by Dubois [Manuscript]. - Sale date(s): 23/02/1807

(15) Catalogue of the Liverpool Museum (22 Piccadilly) by William Bullock [Manuscript]. - 1809

(16) Sale of the collection of J.P. Loutherbourg, R.A. by P. Coxe [Manuscript]. - Sale date(s): 18/06/1812

(17) Sale of Bullock at Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly [Manuscript]. - Sale date(s): 30/03/1821

(18) Oxenham sale : Eglington Tournament Armour [Manuscript]. - Sale date(s): 17/07/1840-18/07/1840

With a list of articles on armour and weapons up to 1906 appended.


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