Ian V. Hogg, Papers, Photographs etc

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Ian V. Hogg, Papers, Photographs etc

Ian V. Hogg, Papers, Photographs etc






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  HOGG 2 - Ian V. Hogg, Papers, Photographs etc
HOGG 2/1 - Colour slides labelled 'USA Army Shows'
HOGG 2/2 - Colour slides, labelled 'Leeds, equipment show'
HOGG 2/3 - Colour slides, labelled 'artillery, machine guns, small arms, ammo'
HOGG 2/4 - BW negatives of various weapons
HOGG 2/5 - Photographs of handguns, rifles and machine guns
HOGG 2/6 - Photographs (some cut from magazines and publications) showing a range of small arms, including rockets and launchers; grenades etc
HOGG 2/7 - Promotional leaflets, advertisements and booklets for military small arms
HOGG 2/8 - More photographs
HOGG 2/9 - Exposed photographic film, labelled 'cartridge line drawings for ammo pocket book'
HOGG 2/10 - Exposed photographic film labelled 'head stamps', negatives show head stamps from cartridges
HOGG 2/11 - Approximately 100 colour slides showing various firearms
HOGG 2/12 - Metal film reel tin labelled '003 comparative evaluation .55 rifles
HOGG 2/14 - VHS video tape labelled 'Mecar Rifle Grenades'
HOGG 2/15 - Black and white negative showing some kind of document, labelled '.303 and 38 shotgun'
HOGG 2/16 - Two colour medium format slides each showing a selection of cartridges, labelled 'Rifle cartridges' and 'Pistol cartridges'
HOGG 2/17 - Approximately 15 photographs of various firearms, both black and white and colour, labelled 'P192/3 1 B/W'
HOGG 2/18 - Six negative sheets, individually labelled, containing black and white negatives, showing firearms, vehicles, factories etc
HOGG 2/19 - Five slide sheets, containing colour photographic slides, showing various firearms and cartridges, some slides labelled individually
HOGG 2/20 - Five colour medium format slides, labelled 'silent partner C.O.P.S' (2); 'silent partner air crewman'; 'silent partner Ranger'; 'silent partner BETA'
HOGG 2/21 - Four large format black and white negatives, 3 handguns, 1 something else
HOGG 2/22 - Black and white large format negative showing a handgun, warped, bordered with red tape