Smoke pall three miles above Dusseldorf (11/12.6.43)

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Smoke pall three miles above Dusseldorf (11/12.6.43)

Smoke pall three miles above Dusseldorf (11/12.6.43)




BEN 176



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When they returned to their base pilots and crew of Bomber Command aircraft who took part in the very heavy raid on Dusseldorf on the night of June 11/12 1943 spoke of seeing, in the later stages of this concentrated attack, great pillars of smoke billowing several thousands of feet above the city. This photograph, taken within the space of half an hour indicates how rapidly fires developed in the target area, and how impressive was the spectacle of dense masses of smoke rising more than three miles. Picture shows: High volumes of smoke are pouring from the target area and reaching a height of more than three miles. Crews of some of the attacking aircraft declared that their machines flew through smoke clouds. The giant smoke-plume has been illuminated by a photo flash bomb. The wavy light trails are caused by burning incendiaries and fires.

Numbered C.3568 (XS).


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  BEN 176 - Smoke pall three miles above Dusseldorf (11/12.6.43)