Cologne damage- reconnaissance pictures taken 4/7/43

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Cologne damage- reconnaissance pictures taken 4/7/43

Cologne damage- reconnaissance pictures taken 4/7/43




BEN 174



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These photographs taken after the RAF's heavy attacks on Cologne on 28/29-6-43 and 3/4-7-43 prove how slight was the damage to the cathedral and how heavy and extensive was the industrial damage. Nazi reports, issued immediately after these big raids claimed that heavy bombs had caused severe damage to the cathedral. RAF photographic interpretation experts say that there is evidence only of damage to the roof of the north transet, and no signs of other damage to the structure. This is all the more remarkable in view of teh devastation caused by this and previous raids in the immediate neighbourhood of the cathedral, and throughout the central area of the town, where it is estimated that 1,000 acres have been devastated. There is extensive damage at the main railway station, almost adjoining the cathedral. The roof of the station has been burnt off, and the railway office have suffered.Ther is heavy damage, too, among the buildings and installations at the Gereon Railway Yard, wher two engine sheds and a very large building have been destroyed and another large building damaged. Industrial damage is particularly heavy in the Kalk and Deutz districts on the East Bank of the Rhine. The plant of the Klockner Humboldt Dautz Motoeren A.G. concern at both Deutz and Kalk has suffered severely. This firm has been providing many diesal engines for U-boats and its factories are targets of the highest priority. The Deutz marshalling yards and Kalk Chemical Factory have also been badly damaged. Picture shows: This extensive and heavily damaged area at Kalk, on the East Bank of the Rhine, included the marshalling yards and to the right of them, the Kalk Chemical Factory which has suffered severely. The many white patches particularly noticeable in the marshalling yards and among the rolling stock there mark where high explosive bombs have burst.

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  BEN 174 - Cologne damage- reconnaissance pictures taken 4/7/43