Fires burn in Aachen (RAF reconnaissance picture 14.7.43)

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Fires burn in Aachen (RAF reconnaissance picture 14.7.43)

Fires burn in Aachen (RAF reconnaissance picture 14.7.43)




BEN 142



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This is one of the most extraordinary photographs yet taken by RAF Reconnaissance after a bombing raid on German territory. Eight hours after the last bomber had left Aachen (Aix la Chapelle) which was heavily attacked on the night of 13/14.7.43 a reconnaissance aircraft flew over this important industrial centre in an attempt to secure photographs of the damage caused by the raiding force. Photographs were brought back - but, as this one indicates, practically the whole of the town was obscured by smoke from great fires, which appeared to be completely out of control. Picture shows: The central area of the town, with the West Goods Depot top left. Very many fires are still burning among a concentration of industrial and commercial buildings. This photograph covers an area of approximately a square mile. Preliminary interpretation, however, has revealed that industrial damage throughout the target area is particularly severe, and among the more important factories and installations which have been heavily damaged are:- Glas.u.Spiegal Manufaktur N.Kinon (Optical); Flamur-Gesellschaft Veltrop (Reported making machine guns for Junkers); Power and transformer stations; Nitag AG (Fuel Products); Waggonfabrik Talbot (railway wagons); H. Krantz (Textile machinery and probably armament components); CHR Penners (Foundry and robably armament components); R Scmidtz, Apparate-Bau u. Metallwaren Fbk.G.m.b.H (Needles and hardware); Aachen-Burtschneider Tuch.Fbk. (Textile Mill); Deutsche Phillips G.m.b.H. (Electrical equipment); Wilh. Kusters (boilers); Neuman and Esser (large compressors, synthetic oil equipment motors etc); Vereingte Kratzen Fbk. G.m.b.H. (Engineers). 16/7/43.

Numbered C.3608 (XT).


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  BEN 142 - Fires burn in Aachen (RAF reconnaissance picture 14.7.43)