Contraband control at sea (4)

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Contraband control at sea (4)

Contraband control at sea (4)


BEN 138



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In all parts of the ocean and the seven seas the Royal Navy is exercising contraband control, to ensure that no supplies from overseas reach the enemy's shores. A cruiser on patrol duty in the Atlantic sights a strange merchant ship. The warship closes the stranger and signals her to "heave to". A boarding party in charge of officer is detailed and they pull over in a whaler to inspect the merchant vessel. Usually the ship's papers n examination are found to be in order, and that the ship has been issued with a Navicert. Occasionally an enemy supply ship is met, but the supplies will not reach the enemy country. The boarding party leaves the merchant ship, she is allowed to proceed on her way.

Numbered A.6084.


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  BEN 138 - Contraband control at sea (4)