Two Australian Sunderlands destroy a U-boat

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Two Australian Sunderlands destroy a U-boat

Two Australian Sunderlands destroy a U-boat


BEN 109



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Sunderland "F" of an Australian Squadron, on patrol in the approaches to the Bay of Biscay sighted the periscope of a U-boat in the act of surfacing and attacked at once, despite flak from the submarine's guns. Depth charges straddled the U-boat, which made an "S" turn to port, continuing to fire throughout. "F's" crew had almost a grandstand view of the destruction of the U-boat as Sunderland "P", of a different Australian Squadron went in to attack. "P's" depth charges straddled it and the U-boat started to sink horizontally. A few seconds later the stern emerged and then disappeared at a very steep angle. Large air bubbles were seen two or three minutes after the attack, and several sailors were observed in the water. Picture shows: Depth charges from Sunderland "P" straddling U-boat which had been apparently partly disabled by "F's" attack and unable to crash dive. Wake shows U-boat still capable of considerable surface speed, unsuccessfully attempting to evade the Sunderland's attack which ultimately "killed" it.

Numbered C.3543.XL.


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  BEN 109 - Two Australian Sunderlands destroy a U-boat