Pantellaria battered by bombs

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Pantellaria battered by bombs

Pantellaria battered by bombs




BEN 58



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Eye-witnesses at Pantellaria were impressed by the terrific damage inflicted n the Island by Allied bombers. "You can't walk far on Pantellaria without coming upon deep bomb craters- the damage done by air bombardment is the worst I have ever seen, through the blitz at home and through the Tunisian campaign", said one of the landing party. Forts had received direct hits, which smashed the cement walls, and there were holes right through the top of stout pill-boxes. Many heavy coastal guns had been demolished. The airfield is covered with bomb craters. Rubble lies over the runway and some of the aircraft smashed by bombs were smothered by stone and broken masonry. Picture shows: Pantellaria wreathed in smoke from bursting bombs during the Allied bombardment of the island. 20/6/43.

Numbered CAN.902 (XT).


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  BEN 58 - Pantellaria battered by bombs