Tower of London, Armouries

Object Title

Tower of London, Armouries

Tower of London, Armouries


Early 20th century


PO 370/51



Scope and Content

Tower of London Armouries postcards in a Wallace Collection Postcards envelope.

1. Horse Armour of Henry VIII
2. Horned Helmet of Henry VIII
3. Helmet of Sir Henry Lee
4. Armour of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leivester
5. Armour of Sir John Smythe
6. Armour, mid 16th century
7. Armour of Henry VIII for foot combat
8. Horse furniture and suit of armour presented to Henry VIII by Emperor Maximilian
9. Armour of Henry Stuart, Prince of Wales
10. Breats and back with a helmet
11. Execution axe


11 postcards


TOL PO/1684/2 - Tower of London - Postcards
  PO 370/51 - Tower of London, Armouries