Stock book

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Stock book

Stock book


about 1893


THBL 1/2



Scope and Content

Stock listed includes keepers guns (no. 1, no. 3, bar lock, single barrel guns, no. 1 hammerless), pigeon guns, 'Best hammerless', 'Best hammer', Evoplia BT guns, wild fowl guns, punt guns, cripple stoppers, collectors' guns, Cape guns, air guns, walking stick guns, and trade and ml guns; Express rifles, large bore rifles, Equatorial rifles, rook/rabbit rifles, hammerless rifles, sporting rifles, miscellaneous and military rifles; cartridges: gas light, blue, EC, Schultze, SKS, revower, rifle, cases, powder, shot and bullets, wadding and caps; leather goods: gun cases, canvas gun cases, cartridge magazines, gun and rifle covers, cartridge belts, and bags, evoplia bags and slings, revolver cases and holster sets. Various gun and rifles


1 volume

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  THBL 1/2 - Stock book