Grand Storehouse Fire of 1841

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Grand Storehouse Fire of 1841

Grand Storehouse Fire of 1841







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A page printed by 'R.LLOYD at the office of THE PENNY SUNDAY TIMES,231 High-street, Shoreditch' featuring crudely coloured views of the Grand Storehouse fire viewed from the River (boats to the foreground), the White Tower, the Byward Tower, the Jewel Tower, the Bloody Tower gateway, the doorway near the Byward Tower (ie the Postern Gate), and 'the staircase'.

In a blank space provided in the centre of the page a child has written, under the date 1843 and the heading 'Seek Wisdom and you shall find her', the first verse of the hymn 'while shepherds watched their flocks...', presumably set down as a handwriting exercize. At the foot it has been signed: Thomas Williams, aged 12 years. The panel containing the child's name appears to be the sun sinking into the sea, in the foreground the beach is flanked by mango trees(look like palms, but their roots are visible). To the left is a tableau of red material drooped over the trees with a bust (actually it looks like a toilet seat with a face at one end) and 2 unidentified tools(?); to the right an 'aladdin's lamp' with cloud issuing from it sits next to a passion cross lying on the sand. In the background (right) is a rayed building(?). In the centre, above the sun is a rayed triangle containing an eye.


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