Royal Armouries, Fort Nelson

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Royal Armouries, Fort Nelson

Royal Armouries, Fort Nelson


1983 to 1995



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Records relating to the development of the Royal Armouries Museum of Artillery at Fort Nelson, 1 File containing information on alternative sites including Greenwich and Woolwich; Chatham; Royal William Victualling Yard, Plymouth; Spitalfields; Crownhill Fort; MOD; other locations; and comparisons between the various locations, 2 File containing records relating to the feasibility study including correspondence; first draft of the feasibility study; appendices; Development Committee papers (12th-13th September 1988); McAvoy Wreford Bayley; McAvoy Wreford Bayley questionaire; Macormac Jamieson and Prichard architects; Ledward and McDonald; Clarson Goff Associates; James R. Briggs Associates; Department of the Environment approval; and Ventura, 3 File containing information relating to the historical background relating to Fort Nelson; notes prepared for the Board of Trustees; Board Papers relating to Fort Nelson (25th September 1986); meetings of the Land Sub-committee; Preliminary proposals; Minutes of the Fort Nelson Officers Group; Land Sub-committee negotiations; 1988 Lease; 1987 Lease; 1986 Lease; 1985 Lease; plans for the 1983 Lease, 4 File containing records of works including: Works 1994/95; Works 1993/94; Works 1992; Works 1991; Works 1990; Works 1989; Works 1988; Works pre 1988, 5 File containing photographs showing the progress of works at Fort Nelson, 6 File containing records relating to the Fort Nelson Project and Management Group, 7 File containing information relating to Fort Nelson Works Meetings and to the Fort Nelson Liaison Committee, 8 File containing records relating to the Rubb building including temporary buildings; demountable structures; Rubb catalogue; Rubb building request forms; and correspondence, 9 File containing information on the proposed subsequent development of Fort Nelson after its official opening in April 1994 including a Paper to the Development Committee; a Paper to the Board of Trustees (BOTA 94/2); Progress report on the development of Fort Nelson to date; overall estimates of the costs of development; Hampshire County Council costs; display costs; building restoration costs; promotional costs; education costs; grants; fundraising; Royal Armouries Development Trust; Fort Nelson appeal; Wolfson Foundation


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