Armourers and Brasiers Company, Archives

Object Title

Armourers and Brasiers Company, Archives

Armourers and Brasiers Company, Archives





Scope and Content

Microfilm reels from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah containing copies of records of the Armourers and Brasiers Company from the Guildhall Library, London


6 microfilms

Physical Characteristics / Technical Requirements

6 microfilm reels, 35mm, negative

Access Conditions

Open access

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  ARBR 2 - Armourers and Brasiers Company, Archives
ARBR 2/1 - Wardens account books
ARBR 2/2 - Wardens account books
ARBR 2/3 - Wardens account books
ARBR 2/4 - Wardens account books
ARBR 2/5 - Wardens account books
ARBR 2/6 - Wardens account books
ARBR 2/7 - Wardens account books
ARBR 2/8 - Wardens account books
ARBR 2/9 - Wardens account books
ARBR 2/10 - Wardens account books
ARBR 2/11 - Abstracts of renter wardens accounts
ARBR 2/12 - Court minute books
ARBR 2/13 - Court minute books
ARBR 2/14 - Court minute books
ARBR 2/15 - Court minute books
ARBR 2/16 - Court agenda book
ARBR 2/17 - Registers of apprentice bindings and freedom admissions combined together with (at the front) lists of freemen and yeomanry probably drawn up in 1535.
ARBR 2/18 - Presentments and turnovers of apprentices and freedom admissions combined
ARBR 2/19 - Yeomanry quarterage book
ARBR 2/20 - Register of freedom admissions (stamp duty books)
ARBR 2/21 - Register of apprentice bindings with account of duty on orphans paid into the Chamber of London
ARBR 2/22 - Alphabetical list of the yeomanry of the company continued to 1774, giving dates of freedom.
ARBR 2/23 - Freeman's quarterage ledge recording payments for each individual freeman, and stating dates and methods of admission with notes of death or admission to the livery, 1791-1815.
ARBR 2/24 - Livery quarterage book including accounts of expenses incurred in suits 1604, lists of armourers and brasiers' marks 1619, and other memoranda.
ARBR 2/25 - Quarterage book with some dates of admission of freemen and notes of death or admission to the livery, and list of foreign brothers admitted, 1709- c. 1773, 1670- c. 1734.
ARBR 2/26 - Lists of the court of assistants
ARBR 2/27 - Printed lists of the livery
ARBR 2/28 - Printed livery lists
ARBR 2/29 - Printed livery lists
ARBR 2/30 - Book of armourers marks