DUPLICATE RECORD. Sir James Gow Mann - Correspondence - Various foreign scholars and enquirers

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DUPLICATE RECORD. Sir James Gow Mann - Correspondence - Various foreign scholars and enquirers

DUPLICATE RECORD. Sir James Gow Mann - Correspondence - Various foreign scholars and enquirers


MANN AR.3 [2]



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Correspondence of James Mann with scholars and enquirers from abroad, GERMANY/Verein fuer Historische Waffen und Kostuemkunde, 1926/1: Postcard, signed Post and dated Berlin, 26 July, 1926 , extending the subscription period for the catalogue 'Waffensammlung Dreger', part I, 193?/2: Letter from Erich Haenel, to 'Dear Mr. Mann', dated July 4, thanking for 'the elaborate memoir of the late Baron de Cosson. I am looking forward to the photos and hope to be able to publish the whole in our next number.' Would also be glad to publish anything about collections in England, GERMANY/Baer, 1929/1: Letter from Adolf Baer, Wimpfen, to J.G. Mann, dated 8 Aug. 1929, acknowledging a cheque for RMk. 20, GERMANY/Messmer, 1928/1: Postcard Dr. E. Messmer, of Burg Lauenstein, to JGM sending best Xmas wishes and advertising a 'Weihnachtsausstellung auf Burg Lauenstein'. Etched view of the Innerer Burghof, [?/2]: Another, undated, sending 'besten Festwuenschen vom Fels zum Meer', 1929/3: Postcard, in envelope, from Dr. E. Messmer, offering for sale a tapestry from a noble family for 25000 Marks. and enclosing photographs, [1929/3a]: Draft of letter from JGM to Dr. Messmer, dated 26.iii.29, thanking for offer but refusing and returning photograph: 'It is very difficult of expose fine textiles in London on account of the smoke and the climate & for this reason I have found that I cannot enjoy the very beautiful cope from Bamberg which I bought from you in September... I wonder therefore if you would be willing to take it back in exchange for a piece of Gothic irionwork, such as a fine lock of the XVth century?...', [?/4]: Undated and unsigned postcard advertising Burg Lauenstein for winter sports, GERMANY/Stocklein, 1930/1: Letter from H. Stocklein to 'Lieber Herr Man' [sic], dated Munich, 24 October, 1930, thanking for his hospitality in London and sending offprints from 'Pantheon', 1933/2: Letter from Hans Stocklein to 'Lieber Mr. Mann', dated 23.xii.1933, sending Christmas and New Year wishes, with a comic drawing of an 'Armatura senza Grazie', GERMANY/Milemete, 1925/1: Carbon copy of letter from JGM to General-leutnant B. Rathgen, Verlag 'Die Schwere Artillerie', Munchen, Ludwigstr. 8, thanking for a copy of 'Das Aufkommen der Pulverwaffe', and the acknowledgment of his help in sending information about Walter de Milimete to Dr Gessler, 1927/2: Letter from Paul Post to 'Dear Mr. Mann', dated Berlin, 26.11.1927, reporting a discussion at a meeting of the Verein f. Hist. Waffenkunde when it had been suggested that Milimete might have been an Italian and asking if 'this name is a usual English one or whence Milimete is derived according to your oppinion [sic.]...', [1927/2a]: Letter from M. R. James, 7 dec., 27, from The Lodge, Eton College, to 'Dear Sir', apologising for delay in replying to his letter and suggesting that Millemete or Milemete may be 'no other than Mildmay' or some such similar name, but that there is nothing Italian or non-English about the manuscript, [1927/2b]: Draft of letter from JGM to Dr. M.R. James, dated 10.xii.27, thanking for the information about Walter de Milimete and going on: 'It is rather amusing in this case as the President of the ^UVerein fur hist. Waffenkunde^R is a former director of Krupps & helped to design the big Bertha!, [1927/2c]: Carbon copy of letter from JGM to 'Dear Dr Post', dated Dec. 12th 1927, reporting M.R. James' reply, SWITZERLAND/Gessler, 1923/1: Letter from Dr. E.A. Gessler to 'Cher Monsieur', dated 2 November, 1923, from the 'Direction du Musee Nationale Suisse', thanking for letter and cheque for 108 francs, returning receipted invoices for photographs and reporting his receipt of a photograph of the miniature showing the cannon loaded with an arrow from the Walter de Milimete manuscript, 1923/1a, 1b: Two receipted invoices for photographs, [1925/2]: Carbon copy of letter in French from JGM to Dr. E.A. Gessler, dated 30th May, 1930, reporting the receipt of General Rathgen's pamphlet, his own move from the Ashmolean Museum to the Wallace Collection and asking for some photographs of swords in the Musee National Suisse, 1925/3: Letter, in German, from Dr. E.A. Gessler, dated 19 June, 1925, congratulating him on his move to the Wallace Collection, 'die ich leider nicht kenne', and reporting that the photographs that he had asked for might be difficult to identify as no systematic listing of photographs of later swords existed. 'Meine 'Trutzwaffen der Karolingerzeit' sind in Basel 1908, im Kommissionsverlag von Ad. Geering, Buchhandlung, Baumleingasse, herausgekommen. Ob er noch Exemplare hat, weiss ich nicht.' If there are no more, he may have a duplicate in his own library. Asks in which year the latest guide to the Wallace Collection had been pubnlished, SWITZERLAND/Wegeli, 1923/1: Letter from R. Wegeli, Director of the Bernishes Historisches Museum, to 'Cher Monsieur', to JGM in Oxford, thanking for letter, admitting that their library did not have a copy of the Wallace Collection Catalogue and sending New Year good wishes, AUSTRIA/Misc., 1929/1: New Year wishes from Dr. August Grosz of the Waffensammlung, Vienna, postmarked 2/1/29, 1929/2, 3: Two notes from Countess Trapp arranging a visit, with a pencil map of the route to Churburg, HUNGARY/Zoltan, 1922/1: Carbon copy of a letter in French from JGM to 'Mon cher Dr. Zoltan', sending copies of the Wallace Collection catalogues and asking whether the Cinquedea that Mann had seen in the Budapest Museum had the same inscription on the blade - Omne Civis Forti Patria Est - and asking for a photograph, 1922/2: Letter from Dr. Zoltan, from the Magyar Nemzeti Muzeum, Budapest, dated 13 November, 1922, thanking for the catalogues and giving the inscriptions: on one side: 'Fatis Re Regitur Mortale Genus'; on the other: 'Omne Solum Forti Patra Est'; on the hilt: 'Propter Canes et Homines Bestiales'


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