Lord Lovat - Tower Prisoner

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Lord Lovat - Tower Prisoner

Lord Lovat - Tower Prisoner







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'The Scots Magazine' (April 1747), pp 149-200.

A newspaper containing articles (pp.152-160) on 'Lord Lovat's letter to his son; an account of Lord Lovat's behaviour; an account of Lord Lovat's execution; Lord Lovat's execution and interment; an account of Lord Lovat's family; and, a letter from Lord Lovat's son, etc', From: , Super contemporary accounts with much detail, even down to some of the names of those spectators killed on Tower Hill when the scaffold next to The Ship Ale-house collapsed, Lovat remained perky to the end, at half past nine he called for a plate of minced veal, wine and water, just before the execution he declined a glass of wine, because no warm water could be had to mix with it, 'and took a little burnt brandy and bitters in its stead'., Kneeling at the block he adjusted the cloth that was placed to receive his head, 'he pulled it too close to him, But being placed too near the block, the executioner desired his Lordship would remove a little farther back...' Lovat dropped his handkerchief, one blow severed the head from the body, which was put in the coffin and carried back to the Tower with the body, Mr. Stevenson, the undertaker sewed the head back on the body ready for a funeral procession through the greater part of Scotland. This was felt to be too risky and on Friday the 17th the corpse was interred at the Tower, near the bodies of the other Lords.


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