Tower of London - Prisoners - Henry Laurens

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Tower of London - Prisoners - Henry Laurens

Tower of London - Prisoners - Henry Laurens







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A newspaper containing an article about the 'Rebel American representative Mr. Laurens committed to the Tower', From: The York Courant (10 October 1780), page 2, cols. 1-2, Mr. Henry Laurens on a mission from America to Holland to negotiate a loan for ú600,000 and a trade treaty is captured at sea with secret despatches, i.e. 'The Americans have agreed to cede all Canada to the French...', Interviewed (interrogated) by the Secretaries of State and Solicitor-General, Mr. Mansfield, 'by first asking him trifling questions, and so proceeding to more material inquiries, to seduce him into an inadvertant reply on some subjects of consequence... Mr. Laurens kept firmly to his first determination and taciturnity'., 'Mr. Laurens's examination lasted till near six, when a warrant of commitment was made out, signed by three Secretaries of State, committing him a close prisoner of the Tower...', He was whisked off in a hackney coach and delivered into the custody of the governor, Mr. Laurens black servant is allowed to attend Mr. Laurens but there is an 'express injunction, that he shall never be left alone with Mr. Laurens, but that the Warder of the Tower is to be present at every interview that passes between them...'


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