Tower of London - Prisoners - Charles Radcliffe

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Tower of London - Prisoners - Charles Radcliffe

Tower of London - Prisoners - Charles Radcliffe







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A newspaper containing an article about the 'Botched job - execution of Charles Radcliffe, esq., his deportment was very graceful, and full of sweet composure of mind', From: The Weekly Worcester Journal (12 December 1746), back page, cols. 1-2, '... about ten, the block, cover'd with black, with a cushion, and two sacks of saw-dust were brought up, and fixed, and soon after Mr. Radcliffe's coffin, which was cover'd with black velvet, with eight handles, and the nails double gilt, but no plate upon it...', Radcliffe gave the executioner ten guineas, said a few prayers, '.. which lasted about six minutes... he then kneel'd down, and laid his head on the block, and in about two minutes gave his signal to the executioner, who sever'd his head from his body at three blows, at the first of which the axe stuck so fast into the block that it was got out with some difficulty...', With a description of his dress and state of mind, A respite of execution for a short time was ruled out 'its conjectur'd his behaviour in the court of King's Bench prevented any hopes of mercy, so innate to his Majesty.' Radcliffe's son reckoned to have lost title to 'the amount of better than ú200,000'.


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