Photograph album, Gallipoli Campaign

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Photograph album, Gallipoli Campaign

Photograph album, Gallipoli Campaign







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Rare photograph album of British World War I operations in the Middle East aimed at capturing Constantinople, including photographs taken on the very first day of the Gallipoli Campaign, April 25, 1915. Other photographs taken in and near Alexandria, Port Said, El Kantara (sic), Mustapha, Cairo, Gallipoli, Cape Helles, Morto Bay, and Achi Baba., Wonderful personal view point to the photographs, which are perhaps the work of an officer; from ships at sea to the men in the trenches, the album provides both the larger picture of the state of war and a more intimate perspective. Photos include:

1) a two masted sail boat, 'The Pilot',
2) Port Said viewed from the deck of a warship,
3) men in pith helmets, looking toward approaching warship in canal, labeled 'El Kantara',
4) troops swimming at the beach, Port Said,
5) a turbaned Sikh standing at attention,
6) troops digging trenches, labeled El Kantara,
7) a tree lined street in Mustapha, with the minaret of mosque in the distance,
8) Tel-el-Kebir, with (water pumps in the distance),
9) 'Mohamed Ali Mosque, Cairo' (sic), with 2 British officers,
10) a close up of the 2 officers with pith helmets and riding crops, in front of the doors of the Mosque,
11) 'At the Pyramids', with a young officer standing beside a kneeling camel and camel handlers,
'Dawn Off Gallipoli, 25th April, 1915,
12) views taken from the deck of a warship,
13) 'H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth',
14) 'Firing at Achi Baba',
15) 'Off Cape Helles, 25th April, 1915',
16) 'Off Gallipoli, April 1915',
17) 'Off Anzac, April 1915',
18) 'Landing Troops from H.M.T. Minnetonka, April, 1915',
19) 'Landing Troops from H.M.T. Franconia',
20) 'Landing at Anzac' showing men in long white rowboats approaching the shore,
21) 'W. Beach',
22) 'Lancashire Landing',
23) 'Near the White House, May / 15', showing men with rifles lined up in trench,
24) 'Lancaster St. August 1915',
25) a soldier asleep in trench with rifle and sword propped beside him,
26) 'Fig Tree Dug Out, May 1915',
27) 'Backhouse Post', with a soldier shaving,
28) '6' H.E. bursting at Backhouse Post',
29) 'Dug out at Essex Knoll',
30) 'A free hair-cut',
31) '2nd R.N.D. Field Ambulance',
32) 'Morto Bay',
33) 'Achi Baba from Cape Helles',
34) 'Entrance to Dardanelles from Morto Bay',
35) marching troops,
36) 'R.N.D. Engineers', showing troops with horse drawn wagon,
37) 'Old Turkish Stone Cannon Ball and the S. S. River Clyde', and
38) 'Inside Sedd-ul-Bahr Fort',


1 volume

Physical Characteristics / Technical Requirements

With 47 gelatin silver prints, each approx 6 1/2 x 4 1/2', mounted on dark gray stock, decorated with thin white border and neatly titled with handwriting in white. In an oblong 8vo dark green and gilt cloth album, 11 1/2 x 9'. With an Art Deco inspired motif at the front cover, with a bust of a woman, with gilt borders.

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