Photograph album entitled ''Der Tag' : Surrender of German High Seas Fleet, Nov 21st 1918'

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Photograph album entitled ''Der Tag' : Surrender of German High Seas Fleet, Nov 21st 1918'

Photograph album entitled ''Der Tag' : Surrender of German High Seas Fleet, Nov 21st 1918'


21 November 1918





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Unpublished. 1918. 13 original photographs of some of the major German warships involved, each 150 x 200 mm., slotted in to the grey album leaves, all captioned in ink. Also loosely inserted are an original photograph of H.M.S. Loch Arkaig at the Clyde Review 1946/47(?) (creased), and two copies of a fine photograph by R. Ellis, Malta, of H.M.S Ajax in Malta Harbour (one on paper, two short edge-tears, one on card, a little soiled).

This fine collection of photographs was taken from the destroyer H.M.S. Seymour, which had been detailed exclusively for the use of photographers and cinema men, approximately an hour before the German ships were officially taken over by the British fleet., The surrender of the German fleet (a total of 10 battleships, 5 battle cruisers, 7 light cruisers and 50 destroyers) took place in the Firth of Forth on a foggy evening in November 1918. 'As the German vessels approached the mouth of the Firth of Forth, rounded up and shepherded by our Fleet, line after line of ships in an apparently endless vista was seen, squadron after squadron emerging like grey ghosts through the haze and passing by to be succeeded by oncoming squadrons. Between the long lane six miles wide formed by our escorting vessels the German battleships, cruisers and destroyers slowly steamed in abject humiliation, and on nearing the island of Inch Keith dejectedly dropped anchor in the places appointed' - contemporary press account., The German ships were later interned in Scapa Flow, where Admiral Reuter eventually had them all scuttled in the following year. The photos, all excellent unfaded examples, include views of the German battlecruisers Seydlitz and Moltke being led by H.M.S. Cardiff, the battleships Konig and Kaiser, the battlecruiser Von der Tann, the German battlefleet, and battlecruisers in line astern, the battlecruiser Hindenburg, the battleship Bayern, a battleship of the Konig class, the battlecruiser Seydlitz flying the flag of Commodore Tagert, battlecruisers Moltke and Seydlitz in line ahead, four German destroyers in line ahead, and H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth, the English fleet flagship, (Admiral Sir David Beatty).


1 volume

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Oblong 4to album. Original stiff grey paper wrappers with silk cord sewing.

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Creator(s) G T. Wright