Tower of London

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Tower of London

Tower of London





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MS Add. 14 044 |a Sir William Ward's collection of documents relating to the Tower of London, MS Add. 38 843 |a Miscellaneous documents relating to the Tower of London, 1599-1715, MS Egerton 2358 |a Compotus Clerici Operationem; Thomas Warley, Clerk of the works, 15 Henry VII, including work in the Tower of London for a Tournament stand, MS Egerton 2790; MS Harley 5913 |a 'Regulations for prisoners in the Tower of London, 1572', MS Harleian 5913 |a Copy of various records including a 'Survey of Forts', 1620 (including the Tower of London); a 'Remain of Ordnance Stores', 1623; and a 'Particular of the Names of the Towers and Prison Lodgings'... 1641, MS Harleian 7457-7463 |a A copy of the Remain of stores for the Tower of London and other fort, 1561 and 1687-1693, MS Lansdowne 70 (Ex. Burgley Papers) |a Copy of various items concerning the exportation, etc. of iron ordnance; the rights of the Master of the Ordnance; regulation of the gunfounders; regulations of appointments to the office, etc., about 1592, MS Lansdowne 160 (ex. Sir Julius Caesar's Papers) |a Copies of 'Orders relating to the exportation of iron ordnance' and 'Orders relating to the iron ordnance in the Tower of London', MS Add. Charter 16 334 (with MS Add. 32 465) |a Copy of the 'Duplicament of thaccount of Sr. Fraunces Flemynnge... Lt. of Office of Ordnance for the erection of a new Ordnance House within the Towre of London', MS Add. 5752 |a Copies of 'Documents relating to naval and military affairs... Sir William Musgrave collection.' including ships gunners' indentures and remains, John Lyndesey's receipt for armour from Sir Thomas Gresham, Book of Artificers 1568, Debenture book, 1599-1600, MS Add. 6176: Miscellaneous Papers (ex. Wm. Bray: f.29: Ordnance Officials 'temp H. VIII-1620s. Office/Board of Ordnance) |a Copy of the papers relating to William Bray, MS Add. 21 480 |a Copy of the 'Household Book of Payments, Henry VII', 1499-1505, MS Add. 32 465 (with MS Add. Charter 16 334) |a Copies of 'Miscellaneous Papers', including Quarter Book for the Ordnance Office, 1626 and f. 17 Repairs to Tilbury Fort, MS Add. 33 208 (with MS Add. 32 465) |a Copies of the 'Ordnance Accounts', 1655-1657, MS Add. 38 158 and Add. 32 465 |a Copy of the 'Ordnance Accompts', 1679-1680: 'Treasurers Ledger, George Wharton, Last June 1679-Last June 1680', MS Add. 59 899 |a Copy of the 'Book of payments Henry VII', 1503-1506, MS Cotton Julius F 1 |a Copies of documents relating to the Ordnance Office/Board of Ordnance, MS Cotton Titus B V: inc. f. 125 |a Copies of 'Orders concerning the Office of the Ordenance,' 1595, MS Egerton 2728 and MS Harley 5913 |a Copies of 'State papers and autograph letters 1559-1823', including 'Debts within the Office of Ordnance, 1567, and Expenses of Sr. Francis Jobson, 1568, MS Harleian 309 |a Copies of 'Papers relating to Military Affairs', including 'Orders to be kepte by the Lt. of thordynaunce, 8 March 1572', MS Harleian 429 and 430 |a Copies of records relating to the Ordnance Office/Board of Ordnance, MS Harleian 617 |a Copies of the 'Ordnance Accounts', 1574, MS Harleian 1326 |a Copy of the 'Survey of Forts', 1623, MS Harleian 1640 |a Copies of the 'Ordnance Office Accounts', including the Book of the wages of the Artificers, January 1579-80