Photograph album entitled Armour at Parham

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Photograph album entitled Armour at Parham

Photograph album entitled Armour at Parham


March 1870





Scope and Content

Date and inscribed: 'The Earl of Warwick, with the kind regards of R. Curzon...'.

a) The book comprises:

f. 1: Presentation inscription to the Earl of Warwick from R. Curzon, March 1870,
ff. 2-6: Blank,
f. 7: Title page, with decorated initials: Armour at Parham,
ff. 8-19: 'Notices of early armour in the Middle Ages, and especially of a series of early helmets preserved in the armoury at Parham Park, Sussex.', reprinted without reference from Archaeological Journal (1865), pp. 13: 5 plates, text illust.,
ff. 20-30: 11 photographs of armour at Parham, some in situ in the Hall at Parham, others in front of cloth back-drop, ? in the open air. 2 with the impressed stamp, H.W. Freeland, Angmering,
ff. 31-57: 26 engravings of helmets and other weapons from the collection. 13 were prepared for Sir Sibbald David Scott, The British Army (London 1868), many signed with the monogram RTP (Robert Taylor Pritchett); i.e. Vol I. plates 2 [f. 32], 12 [f. 33], 15 [f. 36], 22/14 [f. 37], 24 [f. 40], 18 [f. 43], 21 [f. 44], 20 [f. 49], 3 [f. 50], 28 [f. 51], 23 [f. 52], 6 [f. 56], 10 [f. 57], 8 were used to illustrate Curzon's second article on the helmets at Parham, Archaeological Journal (1871), pp. 203-209, i.e. Figs. iv [f. 34], v [f. 35], xi [f. 41], xiv [f. 42], xviii [f. 47], xxi [f. 53], xx [f. 54], xxii [f. 55], 3 are derived from photographs I.177, vii, ix and xv. The place of publication of these 3 and the remaining 3 has not yet been identified, but may derive from a privately produced catalogue of the collection which is known to have existed. The plate or page numbers are not present,
ff. 58-64: 7 photographs of the displays at Parham and of shields in the collection,
ff. 65-72: A brief account of the development of firearms by R. Curzon, with a list of firearms exhibited, followed by four further plates from Sibbald Scott (Vol. II, plates 19 [f. 69], 24 [f. 70], 43 [f. 71], 34 [f. 72]); plate numbers not present,
f.73: Blank,

b) Folder containing red silk book cover, worn, originally covering the book, and a drawing, on card, of the helmet with swan's head crest of Thomas Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, now in the 'Musee d'Artillerie at Paris', signed by R. Curzon and addressed, on a covering sheet of paper, to The Earl of Warwick, inserted in the book when bought


1 volume

Physical Characteristics / Technical Requirements

a) Book: Gilt morocco binding, marbled end-papers

b) Folder: Red silk book cover

Access Conditions

Open access


Creator(s) Robert Curzon


  CURZ 3 - Photograph album entitled Armour at Parham