Album of plates showing fortification, drawn by T. Lambert, RMA

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Album of plates showing fortification, drawn by T. Lambert, RMA

Album of plates showing fortification, drawn by T. Lambert, RMA







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Labelled 'Fortification Plates - R.M.A. - T. Lambert' in gilt letters on the front cover, and 'Course of Fortification - Plates, 1845' on the spine,

Plate I. Geometrical angles and a circle, labelled Prob. I-XII, dated Octbr. 1st, 1841. 'Recd. D. Robinson',
Plate II. More, including squares and other regular and irregular shapes, labelled Prob. XVI-XXVII, dated October 23rd, 1841. 'Recd. D. Robinson',
Plate III. Curves and cones, labelled Prob. XXIX-XXXX, dated Novbr. 13th, 1841. 'Recd. D. Robinson',
Plate IV. More curves, labelled Prob. XXXVII-XLVIII, dated Decbr. 4th, 1841. 'Recd. D. Robinson',
Plate V. Ovals, etc., labelled Prob. LI-LIV, dated March 3rd, 1842. 'Recd D. Robinson',
Plate VI. A 'Protractor', dated March 10th, 1842. 'Recd. D. Robinson',
Plate VII. 'Scale of sines, tangents, secants and chords', dated 26 April 1842. 'Recd. D. Robinson',
Plate VIII 'Plan scales, verniers, diagonal scales'. dated April 14th, 1842. 'Recd. D. Robinson',
Plate IX. 'Shading of solids', dated 26th May 1842. 'Recd. D. Robinson',
Plate X. 'Part of a chain', dated Augst. 25th, 1842. 'Recd. D. Robinson',
Plate, XI, No description
Plate XII. The 'Front elevation', 'Elevation on AB', 'Plan' and 'Perspective view' of a house, dated Septbr. 22nd, 1842. 'Recd. D. Robinson',
Plate XIII 'End elevation', 'Elevation on AB', 'Plan', 'Perspective view' of an L-shaped house, Octbr. 7th, 1842. 'Recd. D. Robinson',
Plate XIV. 'Plan', 'Elevation', 'Perspective view', 'Elevation on AB' of an arch, dated Octobr. 14th, 1842.' Recd. D. Robinson',
Plate XV. Scale plan and drawing of a 'Light 6 pounder brass gun, weight 6 cwt., length 5 feet', dated Novbr. 18th, 1842. 'Recd. D. Robinson',

Plate I. Examples of various types of elevation, dated Febry. 25th, 1843, signed 'P. Bradley, March 17th',
Plate II. Fig. 1-9 of examples of drawings of angles and solid shapes, dated March 8th, 1843, signed 'P. Bradley, March 18th',
Plate III. More of the same, Fig. 1-6, dated Febry. 29, 1844, not countersigned,
Plate IIII. More of the same, Fig. 1-10, dated August 18th, 1843, signed 'P. Bradley',
Plate V. More of the same, dated June 14th, 1844, not countersigned,
Plate VI. Intersecting solids, dated June 8th, 1843, not countersigned,
Plate VII, More of the same, shaded, dated April 7th, 1843, not countersigned,
Plate VIII. 'Elevation', 'Oblique elevation', 'Isometrical elevation', and related plans of a cube, dated April 13th, 1843, not countersigned,
Plate IX. 'Full revetment, Vauban's 2nd system' and 'Major Genl. Pasley's demi-revetment', dated December 8th, 1843, signed 'P. Bradley',
Plate X. 'Isometrical projection of a powder magazine', dated May 13th, 1843, not countersigned,
Plate XI. Elevation and projected plan of a cone/pyramid and a cube, dated Octbr. 1843, signed 'P. Bradley, 2 Novbr.',
Plate XII. Shade version of the same, dated Novbr. 3rd, 1843, not countersigned, Plate XIII. Examples of diagonal scales, dated April 10th, 1844, signed 'P. Bradley, 11 April',
Plate XIV. Truncated cones, dated May 11th, 1844, not countersigned,
Plate XV. Contour lines, dated Novr. 11th, 1843, signed 'P. Bradley',

Plate I. 'Nomenclature of the profile', dated August 17th, 1843, signed 'I. Gore, Cap. R.A., 7 Octr. 1843', Plate I. 'Permt. fortn.', figs. 103, dated Octbr. 12th, 1843, signed '12 Octbr. 1843, I. Gore, Cap. R.A.',
Plate XII. 'Permt. fortn.', 'Trace and elevation of a ramp leading to terreplein of curtain', and others similar, dated March 16th, 1844. 'Recd. 16 Mar., 44, I. Gore',
Plate XIII. 'Traverses and passages', dated May 2nd, 1844. 'Recd. I. Gore',
Plate XIV. Traces of 'Vauban's 1st system' and 'Vauban's 3rd system', dated June 8th, 1844, not countersigned,
Plate XV. Traces of 'Cormontaigne's' and 'Modern' systems, dated Augst. 8th, 1844, not countersigned,
Plate XVI. 'Profiles of modern system', dated Augst. 15th, 1844, signed '? Gate', '? Hall',
Plate XVII. Trace of the 'Modern system', dated August 22nd, 1844, not countersigned,

Plate 1. Folded double sheet, 'Attack of a fortress', dated Septbr. 13th, 1844, signed '21 Sept., ? Hall',
Plate 2. 'Continuation of athe attack of a fortress', dated Octbr. X, 1844, not countersigned,
Plate 3. Folded double sheet, 'Coehorn's method', dated Febry. 27th, 1845, signed, '27th Feb., 1845, I.W.',
Plate 4. Folded double sheet, 'Profiles of Coehorn's system', dated March 7, 1845, signed 'I.W.',
Plate 5. Folded double sheet, 'Dufour's system', dated April 11th, 1845, signed 'I.W.',
Plate 6. 'Dufour's profiles', dated April 11, 1845, not countersigned, P
late 7. 'Casemates, Fort Henry, Kingston, Upper Canada', dated April 17th, 1845, signed 'I. ? T.W.',
Plate 8. Folded dounel sheet, 'Detailed plan of a defiladed lunette', dated May 8th, 1845, not countersigned


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Physical Characteristics / Technical Requirements

A volume of 37 ink and wash plates, numbered I-X, XII-XV, I-XV, I, I, XII-XVII, with eight unnumbered plates at the end.
Bound in contemporary maroon quarter-leather. Binding cracked. 20.1 x 13.5 inches (51 x 34 cm).
Bookplate of Thomas Lambert, with crest of three ostrich feathers issuing from a crown, encircled by a belt with the motto, 'Sequitando si Giunge'

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Creator(s) T Lambert