Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Spain 1937

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Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Spain 1937

Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Spain 1937




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1937/1: Carbon copy of typescript of letter to The Times, drawing attention to the state of the armour in the 'Real Armeria',

1937/2: Letter dated July 28th 1937 to JGM from F.G. Kenyon, discussing the Spanish Government's invitation to visit Spain and inspect the measures taken to protect Works of Art during the Civil War: 'I am much encouraged to accept the Spanish Ambassador's invitation by your offer to come with me',

1937/3: Ms. draft of letter from JGM to Sir John Stirling Maxwell, dated 31 July 1937, announcing his intention to accompany Sir Frederic Kenyon, if satisfactory guarnatees are given,

1937/4: Letter to JGM from Kenyon, dated August 5th 1937, outlining the proposed programme for a tour from Aug. 10 to 18.: 'This programme seems to have certain margin of elasticity, and also to enable you to get to the Tyrol by the 21st',

1937/5: Letter to JGM from Kenyon, giving revised programme, altered to enable the Director General of Fine Arts to meet them,

1937/6: A note on White's notepaper, giving the name of Reymundo Fernandez Villaverde and asking 'Where is Brother of D. of Alba, Duke of Peneranda, last heard of 9th Nov. in prison of Madrid',

1937/7: Letter, in Spanish, dated 20 Agosto 1937, to Mr. G. Mann, Hotel Victoria, Valencia, informing him that Don Raimundo Fernandez Villaverde was in prison in Chinchilla, in Albacete, and that Don Fernando Stuart Falco had died of natural causes in Madrid,

1937/[77]: Ms. draft of letter dated 'Churburg, 23-viii-37, to 'My dear Duke' describing his visit, and the death of the 'Conde Peneranda' on natural causes,

1937/[77a]: Notes on the destruction of the Palacio de Liria and whereabout of some of its contents,

1937/8: Letter to JGM from Kenyon, dated Aug. 29th 1937, thanking for 'your report' and describing problems with the newspapers, especially The Times,

1937/9: Letter to JGM from Jose F. Villaverde, dated 7th September, 1937, thanking JGM for 'all you have done to try and help my brother out of the part of Spain still under the tyranny of the Negrin-Stalin gang',

1937/10: Letter to JGM from Villaverde, dated 11th October, 1937, accepting an invitation 'on behalf of the Duke of Alba and myself',

1937/11: Letter to JGM from Kenyon, dated Oct. 16th 1937, sending a cheque for half the amount sent by the Illustrated London News 'for the photographs they reproduced',

1937/12: Letter to JGM from Kenyon, dated Oct. 19th 1937, sending 'two of the Olot photos for your use. I understand the Embassy proposes to repring our articles as a pamphlet',

1937/13: Letter to JGM from [Peter Pauley] of the B.B.C. dated Oct. 13 1937, discussing JGM's forthcoming broadcast and suggesting possible cuts,

1937/13a: Carbon copy of text of JGM's broadcast talk: Food for thought: 'Spanish Art Treasures',

1937/13b: Letter to JGM from M. Scott Johnson, of the B.B.C., dated 23rd October, 1937, returning 'six photographs which you kindly lent me'. [Presumably refers to the printed version of JGM's broadcast published in The Listener, 27 October 1937,

1937/14: Letter to JGM from Helmut Ruhemann, dated 3.XI.1937, congratulating him on 'your lecture on Monday' [to the Courtauld Institute],

1937/15: Letter to JGM from Enriquetta Harris, of the Courtauld Institute, dated No. 13th [no year], thanking for the loan of photographs and mentioning that Dr. Saxl's lecture on the Milanese tailor's book would be published shortly. [Saxl, F. Costumes and festivals of Milanese society under Spanish rule, London : British Academy, 1937],

1937/16: Letter to JGM from the Duke of Alba, dated 23rd November, 1937, accepting an invitation to dine on 6th December at 8 pm,

[1938]/1: Ms. draft of a letter from JGM to 'My dear Duke', dated 31st March 1931, offering to help in the re-organisation of the armour in the Real Armeria: 'I would not suggest my doing this is I knew of anyone in Spain today who was an authority on armour, but no one seems to have taken the place of Senor Florit',

1938/2: Letter to JGM from the Duke of Alba, dated 4th April, 1938, thanking him for his offer and agreeing that there was no one capable of doing it in Spain,

1938/3: Letter to JGM from G.E. Stent, dated 11.8.38, sending 'a list of the pieces in the Military Museum' that he had been given in Madrid,

1939/1: Letter to JGM from the Duke of Alba, dated 10 May 1939, regretting that he cannot give any news of the Armoury: 'Most of the contents are now in the Prado; I understand that they will eventually be returned to their usual quarters, which were rather badly damaged.' and describing his visit to to his burned out palace in Madrid: 'there is nothing left but the four walls... We now know that definite orders were given that the house should be destroyed, and that the stories of destruction by bombs were nothing but Red propaganda...'.


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