Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Letters - Various - UK [9]

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Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Letters - Various - UK [9]

Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Letters - Various - UK [9]




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1/1946: Letter to 'My dear Mann' from F. Gordon Roe, refusing an invitation to a Meyrick Society meeting: 'It is so good to know that the Meyrick Society continues its useful course. Even as an 'outsider', I confess to having a soft spot for it. I dropped in at the Tower recently and had a delightful browse. It seemed to me that you have already done wonders there in quite a short time since the War. One thing that struck me was that among the crowds... was a typical little East End urchin who made bold to ask me if there was available a catalogue explaining the armours. This made me feel that something on the lines of your admirable Brief Guide to the Arms and Armour at the Wallace Collection might be of great value to those without means or knowledge, who are ready to learn...',
2/1947: Letter from D.C. Martin, Assistant Secretary, The Royal Society to 'Dear Corder', Assistant Secretary of the Society of Antiquaries dated 21 October 1947 acknowledging the nomination of Mr. J.G. Mann as the representative of the Society of Antiquaries 'on the committee to deal with accommodation of scientific societies... This committee will meet fairly infrequently and, I should anticipate, not more than once in every two months,
3/1948: Letter to 'Dear Mann' from Philip Corder, Society of Antiquaries of London, dated January 12th 1948, congratulating on 'your new honour' and asking if JGM was well enough to reply to 'the questionnaire ' sent by the Royal Society,
4/1948: Letter to 'My dear Sir James' from M.J. Rendall, Butley Priory, Woodbridge, Suffolk, dated Jan. 27 1948: As you ask about our bomb at the Priory, here are the facts. An enormous bomb fell, I think just 2 years ago, on Feb. 4. The soil being light, it went deep & made a huge crater; its diameter is just 22 yards & its form nearly a true circle. Luckily it is all but due south of the Priory. The edge of the crater is just 35 yards from the south wall. The blast went so high that it only stripped off an equilaterial triangle above the big Gothic window, from the top of our central gable; oddly enough it shook the building so violently that a smaller bit fell from the North gable... We have little garden left by the garden-less War years: but hope to be in decent trim by 1949... Were we not fortunate? I am turning the crater into a lily-pond. It promises fairly well,
5/1948: Postcard to Sir James Mann from J.S.C. reporting that the Conservateur of the Arts Decor. was very kind & helpful... The Cluny... is shut - but the Louvre is mostly open and resplendent in new paint...,
6/1948: Group of 6 reply cards for the meeting of the Meyrick Society at JGM's house, 9 March, 1948 and list of those attending a meeting 26 Oct. 1948, with one refusal dated 4/11/50 from C. Trenchard for a meeting at your house,
7/1948: Letter to 'Dear Sir James' from Dorothy Meynell, Lady-in-Waiting to the Duchess of Gloucester, dated 11th June 1948, thanking JGM for showing Prince William the Tower and its contents. 'You might be amused to know that of St. James to take us round'',
8/1948: Letter to 'My dear Mann' from Methuen, Corsham Court, Corsham, Wilts, dated 25 October 1948, asking whether JGM would be 'able to act as a Trustee for us and also if possible as a Director',
8a/1948: Draft of letter in JGM's hand: 'I felt honoured that you should have asked me, and being so keen on saving what is left of English country houses I accepted. If you wish to hold me to this I will agree. But I have had such a strenuous summer & with the prospect of other obligations which I incurred some years ago materializing, I feel I cannot properly take on anything more. I find being Surveyor of the King's Works of Art very much more exacting than I was led to believe it would be...',
9/1950: Letter to 'Dear Mann', from the Duke of Wellington dated 11th April 1950 accepting an invitation to the 'Diamond Jubilee Dinner of the Meyrick Society. I shall enjoy my dinner more if you do not want me to make a speech afterwards, but I don't want to be difficult about this',
10/1950: Letter to 'Dear Sir James' from G.R. Bailey, on headed paper of the Burlington Fine Arts Club, 17 Savile Row [crossed through], arranging a meeting of the committee: 'I regret that it will not be convenient for you',
11/1951: Letter to 'Dear Sir James, from [May Ceppico] dated 17th May 1951, from 40 Avenue Road, Regents Park, offering to deliver 'the catalogue' to the Wallace Collection,
12/1951: Letter to 'My dear James' dated 8.6.51 from 'Noel' thanking for invitation to 'your daughters wedding', regretting that he would not be able to attend as he had 'got rid of all glad rags, top hats & all that goes with it...' and offering to send a small cheque,
12a/1951: Letter to 'My dear James' dated 1.7.51 from 'Noel' reiterating his refusal,
13/1951: Letter to 'Dear Mann', at the Society of Antiquaries of London, dated 16th November 1951, from [? Lord de Lisle], Penshurst Place, Tonbridge, accepting an invitation 'to reply to the toast of H.M. Government at the Bicentenary Dinner on 26th November',
14/1952: Letter to 'Dear Sir James' dated 18th February 1952, from G.R. Bailey [cf 10 above] discussing the disposal of the remaining unillustrated catalogues,
15/1952: Letter to 'Dear Mann' from Philip Corder, Society of Antiquaries, dated Sept. 24 1952, reporting that 'an American Walton Lord has made a complete confession to the police of his thefts from our Library of the 5 Roxburghe Club books as well as many others from the Courtauld and Warburg Institutes & London University...',
16/1952: Letter to 'My dear James', from the Athenaeum, from [H.L. Bradfer L[awrence]] dated 30 June 1952 thanking JGM 'for your personal note'. [Exact request made to Corder at the Antiquaries not clear],
17/1953: Letter to 'My dear Mann' from W.F. Grimes, Kensington Palace [London Museum], dated 12.iii.53: 'Your invitation yesterday took me so by surprise that I doubt whether I expressed adequately my gratification at the honour which you propose to do me...', Miscellaneous undated:,
18/undated: Letter to 'Dear Mr. Mann' from L.W. Poulton, 1 & 2 Wellington Square, Oxford, giving news of 'Dennis [who] has passed his finals... & is now in Sir Herbert Baker's office' and relating problems with lodgers,
19/undated: Letter to My dear Mann' from Richard Williams refusing an invitation to a Meyrick Society meeting and discussing a recent sale. 'I trust the house warming is a complete success',
20/undated: Part of a postcard in JGM's hand outlining his wish 'to sell the property to a bona-fide resident direct & so save agents' fees' and discussing the sale of a helmet at Ockwells to the Fitzwilliam Museum. 'I am in the ifficult position of being an agent of both parties, being an honorary curator of the Fitzwilliam. The price therefore should be left to be fixed by you and the family, but I would suggest ú90 which is three times what it is valued at for probate... ',
21/undated: Business card of Bensimon, jeweller and antique dealer of Aix-les-Bains and Paris


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