Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Letters - Various - UK [7]

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Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Letters - Various - UK [7]

Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Letters - Various - UK [7]




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1954/1: Letter dated 15-3.54, addressed to the Secretary of the Wallace Collection from Lady Muspratt, enquiring to which museum Sir James Mann had given 'my father's - Sir Edward Barry - full dress Berkshire Yeomanry helmet and where the 'old East India Company records are kept...,
1954/2a: Undated note from Stephen J. Harben, asking for an appontment 'to discuss a matter of scholarship involving armor and arms',
1954/2b: Carbon copy of letter dated 13th March, 1954, from JGM suggesting 'next week',
1954/2c: Letter dated 31.iii.1954, from S.J. Harben, thanking for information and discussing a illustration of mail-making in an illustration to MS Royal 16 G v.,
1954/3: Letter from the Rector of Crawford, Hayes, Mx, dated 2.iv.54, discussing a visit to look at plate and vestments in the church,
1954/4a: Letter from Paul Jacobsthal, Christ Church, Oxford, dated 17th April, 1954, discussing the term 'chanfron' and other armour terms used by Sir Walter Scott,
1954/4b: Carbon copy of letter, dated 20th April, 1954, replying the Dr. Jacobsthal's enquiry,
1954/5: A letter dated xxi.v.liv, from J. Betjeman, as from 4 Warwick Avenue, W.2, asking whether JGM would like to attend a dinner in honour of Sir Ninian Comper's 90th birthday. 'Sebastian Comper thought you might like to know',
1954/6a: Letter, undated, from D.S. Hawtrey-Gyngell, 11 Gower Mews, Bedford Square, enquiring about a notice in Wimborne St. Giles Church relating to the significance of various postures on 'Crusaders Tombs',
1954/6b: Transcript of notice
1954/6c: Carbon copy of letter acknowledging the enquiry in JGM's absence, dated 7 August, 1954,
1954/6d: Carbon copy of letter from JGM, dated 14th August, 1954, explaining that 'cross-legged attitudes are confined to a comparatively short period' and that there was an art historical explanation rather than a military historical one,
1954/7a: Letter from Stephen J. Harben, American Academy in Rome, dated 28 August 1954, sending a copy of verses by Hugh Chesterman, beginning 'Here lies, his boisterous journey done / Sir Roger, Knight of Trumpington...',
1954/7b: Carbon copy of letter from JGM dated 30 August, 1954, thanking for copy of verse and sending an 'unbound copy of Part III of our Catalogue of Arms and Armour',
1954/7: Carbon copy, dated 25th September, 1954, giving an outline of the career of the late-seventeenth century gunmaker, John Shaw. [No addressee, but stamped 'Master of the Armouries],
1954/8: Letter from W.P. Wilton, of Champion and Wilton, Saddlers and Harness Manufacturers, 457 & 459 Oxford Street, dated 20th November, thanking for letter and information,
1954/5/9a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i: File of correspondence relating to a passage in a book, The surprise of Cremona, by Edith Templeton, published by Eyre & Spottiswood, which misrepresented the discovery by JGM of the armours in the church of Madonna delle Grazie,
1955/10: Letter dated Jan. 30th '55, from Beatrice Cecil, Maybanks, Rudgwick, Nr. Horsham, accepting an offer for 'my Husband's copy of De Gheyn's Maniement d'Armes for the Library of the Tower Amouries...',
1955/11: Letter dated 20 June 55, from Lt.Col. R.T,W. Macleod, of The old Wheatsheaf, Wavendon, Bletchley, making an appointment to show JGM a 'Scottish broadsword' for identification,
1955/11a: Carbon copy of letter from JGM, confirming appointment,
1955/12: Letter dated 23 June 1955, from F.A. Greenhill, The Manor House, Great Oxendon, Market Harborough, sending JGM 'copies of articles by the late Dr. R.H. Edleston on brasses and incised slabs' and photographs, and apologising that so few were military,
1955/12a: Carbon copy of letter from JGM, thanking for reprints of papers by Dr. Edleston and for the offer of papers by F.A. Greenhill,
1955/13: Letter dated 19/7/55 from Lt. Col. Alfred H. Burne, sending a copy of The Crecy War,
1955/13a: Carbon copy of a letter from JGM, dated 25th July 1955, thanking for The Crecy War,
1955/14: Letter dated 23 Aug. 55, from [Major] A.N. Ingram, asking whether JGM could identify a sword on the wall of St. James's Palace,
1955/14a: Carbon of letter from JGM's Secretary, dated 24th August 1955, acknowledging Major Ingram's letter,
1955/14b: Carbon of letter, dated 16th September, 1955, from JGM, promising to have a look at the sword the next time he was at the Palace,
1955/15: Letter from dated Nov. 24 55, from C. Robert Rudolf, 3 Dean Road, N.W.2, arranging to bring in a pair of Swiss drawings of a knight and his lady, to have the armour dated,
1955/15a: Carbon copy of a letter from JGM suggesting that Rudolf arrange a suitable date with his secretary,
1956/16: Carbon copy of a letter dated 5th April 1956 from JGM to the Vicar of Cobham, Kent, asking for permission to rub certain of the brasses in your chuch: I have before me a letter written on 25th January 1915 by your predecesor, Mr. Berger, agreeing to my request, but I was unable on that occasion to take advantage of it',
1956/16a: Letter dated 7th April 1956 from the Reverend Arthur Clarke agreeing to JGM's request,
1956/17: Carbon copy of a letter dated 4th April, 1956, from JGM to S.E. Dykes Bower, arranging to see Henry V's achievements before 'they are placed out of reach',
1956/17a: Letter dated 6th April 1956, to JGM from S.E. Dykes Bower, 'Surveyor of the Fabric of Westminster Abbey', suggesting a visit on 16th April,
1956/17b: Carbon copy of letter from JGM dated 17th April, 1956, thanking for assistance and asking whether he might send 'my photographer from the Tower, who understands the difficulties of photographing armour' to take some photographs before they go back in position,
1956/18: Letter dated 19 April 1956 to JGM from The Dowager Lady Aberconway, asking whether JGM would be prepared to serve on the English committee of a project to acquire Renoir's house and garden at Cagnes-sur-mer and preserve it as a national monument. [No reply attached],
1956/19: Letter, dated May 28 1956, from Peter Mennell of the Information Policy Department, Foreign Office, asking whether JGM as Master of the Armouries would be interested in receiving a gift of 'one or two Revolutionary muskets' from Mr. Louis Polk 'a leader in American Precision tooling development...' [Note in JGM's hand 'Accepted by telephone...'],
1956/20: Compliment slip from History Today, received * Aug. 1956, sending a copy containing an article by T.H. McGuffie 'Fortifications & War',
1956/21: File of letters relating to loans from the Tower and from JGM personally to the exhibition John Bunyan and the Civil War at Elstow Moot Hall,
a) 29 March, 1956 from Joyce Godber, County archivist, arranging to collect a mortuary sword from the Wallace Collection,
b) 3rd April, 1956, Carbon copy of letter from JGM agreeing to the proposed date,
c) 28 April, 1956; letter enclosing copy of the catalogue,
d) 1 May, 1956: Carbon copy of letter from JGM thanking for catalogue,
e) 26th September 1956: Letter from Custodian, Miss Evelyn Curtis, asking whether they might keep the two mortuary swords until the end of October as they were extending the exhibition,
f) 1 October, 1956: Carbon copy of letter from JGM agreeing to extension, g) Formal letter of thanks for loan from Joyce Godber, arranging to return the swords to the Wallace Collection and the musket etc. to the Tower,
1956/22: Letter dated November 16th 1956 from Mrs. H.C. Sutherland, Woodbourne, Wenmyss Bay, commenting on the issue of the Scottish Art Review devoted to 'my uncle's armour',
1956/22a: Carbon copy of letter dated 21st November 1956, from JGM, commenting: 'I miss your uncle very much, he was one of my best friends... I saw a note in the newspapers that Balclutha was being demolished; I am sorry to think that another landmark that one once knew so well has gone',
1956/23: Carbon copy of letter from JGM to John Hugh Smith, dated 27th November 1956, thanking for the loan of The Diary of Master William Silence and the guide to the Chateau of Vincennes and arranging to go and see the film War and Peace,
1956/24: Carbon copy of letter from JGM dated 18th December 1956 to the Rev. T.D.S. Bayley, Pebmarsh Recory, asking if he might have a copy of the 'account of the shield and monuments in Halstead Church',
1956/24a: Carbon copy of letter from JGM dated 21st December, 1956, thanking for paper on the Bouchier shield in Halstead Church. 'I am delighted that it should be confirmed as one of the very tiny total of XIVth century shields in the country',
1957/25: Letter dated 8th January, 1957, from the Rev. Cyril L. Cresswell, Chaplain to the Royal Victorian Order, to JGM congratulating him on 'the recent honour you have received from Her Majesty the Queen' and inviting him to come to the 'little chapel of the Order' in the Savoy,
1957/26: Letter dated 10th January 1957 from Anthony Blunt congratulating 'Dear James' on 'your K.C.V.O.',
1957/27: Carbon copy of a letter dated 22nd August 1957 from [? JGM's secretary] thanking Mr. Levi Fox, of Shakespeare's Birthplace, Stratford -upon-Avon, on JGM's behalf for the 'transcript of the contract for the making of Sir Richard Beauchamp's tomb',
1957/28: Letter dated September 18th 1957 from J.R. Fox sending photographs and asking to see 'your book on the Bayeux Tapestry',
1957/28a: Carbon copy of letter dated 2nd October, 1957, from JGM to the Rev. Canon J.R. Fox at the Abbaye de St. Maurice, Valais, thanking for the photographs and sending a copy of the Bayeux Tapestry book. 'It costs ú2. 9. 6d., which with the postage is just about the equal to your bill of 35 Swiss francs...',
1957/28b: Letter dated October 14th 1957 from J.R. Fox saying that he would like to keep the Bayeux Tapestry book himself, so could JGM arrange to pay the 35 Swiss francs and he would send cheque for ú3 for the book,
1957/28c: Postcard from Fox saying that he would sort out the transaction from 'this end'. [Stamp has been cut out, damaging card,
1957/29: Carbon copy of letter dated 21st October 1957 from JGM to W.F. Scovil, Ulcombe Hill Farm, Maidstone. Kent, hoping that 'Mr. Pope-Hennessy has been able to help you with the repair of the relief' and continuing: 'As your wife has probably told you, I had the vey greatest respect for her grandfather, who I looked upon as my mentor in many ways... I am afraid that the prospect of publishing the Baron de Cosson's dictionary under present conditions is out of the question...',
1957/30: Letter dated 28.xii.57, from Cyril Drummond, Little Knoll, Portishead, asking whether 'there is ever any niche in any of the London Art Galleries for a cultured retired bachelor...? [Mss note by JGM suggesting that the 'bachelor' should come and see me],
1957/31: Letter dated University College, London, sending two offprints of a 'note on Sudanese chain mail, of which you are the spiritual godfather',
[1958]/32: Letter, undated but acknowledged by JGM 8-1-58, from Guy Strutt, Aldenham Park, Bridgnorth, sending the photograph 'of the helmet you so kindly lent me...',
1958/33: Letter dated 13th January 1958 from Alick Barrqtt, asking for a'spare copy of your recent pamphlet on my uncle Robin Scott and his armour.' [Note: Scottish Review sent, 15-i-58, JGM],
1958/34: Letter dated 1.3.1958, from Lord Dunboyne, 36 Ormonde Gate, S.W.3, asking for a copy of an article on the gateway of Butley Priory published in Country Life 25 March, 1933,
1958/34a: Carbon copy of a letter from JGM sending a spare offprint of 'my article in Country Life on Butley Priory... There was one of the shields which could not identify, but that was done by Myres and is mentioned in the Postscript',
1958/35: Letter dated Apr. 24th 1958 from Sir Weldon Dalrymple-Champneys asking whether he would allow 'one of your men to clean my two half suits of armour' as he had done several times in the past,
1958/36: Carbon copy of a letter dated 18th June 1958, from JGM to J.L. Nevinson, reporting seeing 'a very nice portrait of one of the family holding a 'Lucerne' hammer' at Ickworth,
1958/37: Letter dated 29th July 1958 from W.I. Croome of the Diocese of Gloucester Advisory Committee on Faculties and the Care of Churches asking for advice about a figure of St. George to be carved on a panel of a new pulpit in Hampnett Church,
1958/37a: Carbon copy of letter dated 5th August 1958, advising the sculptor to try and copy an existing effigy such as that of the Black Prince in Canterbury Cathedral or Richard Beauchamp at Warwick,
1958/37b: Letter dated 7th August 1958 from W.I. Croome thanking for advice and relating how he had saved a set of box pews in Great Washbourne church from the attempt of the parish priest to replace them with chairs,
1958/37c: Carbon copy of a letter dated 8th August 1958 from JGM to W.I. Croome congratulating him on his efforts at Great Washbourne, discussing the statuette of St George and continuging: 'One the 18th August I go on my annual tour of churches with two old friends, which we have been doing now for nearly forty years. This time we are making our headquarters at Lichfield',
1958/38: Carbon copy of a letter dated 6th August 1958 to Sir William Dugdale, Merevale Hall, Atherstone, asking if he might call on the day when he was planning to rub the brass at Merevale church: 'I believe you have many relics of your ancestor, including his diaries. I should greatly enjoy the privilege of seeing these if it is possible',
1958/39: Letter dated 16th August 1958 from J.R. Fox, Abbaye de St. Maurice, Valais, thanking for offer [to send a copy of Runciman's book on the Sicilian Vespers] and describing how he had heard of the book from a member of a group to whom he had shown the Treasury. Signed 'in caritate BHS',
1958/40: Letter dated Sept. 16th [1958] from the Hon Mrs. Hervey Bathurst, Eastnor Castle, asking for advice about the armour in the castle,
1958/40a: Carbon copy of letter from JGM promising to help and suggesting a date before he went abroad,
1958/40b: Letter dated Sept. 22nd [1958] putting off visit until after JGM's return,
1958/40c: Carbon copy of letter dated 23rd September 1958 from JGM to Mrs. Hervey Bathurst promising to write on his return from Poland,


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