Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Letters - Various - UK [6]

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Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Letters - Various - UK [6]

Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Letters - Various - UK [6]




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1951/1: [Carbon copy of letter to the booksellers Thomas Godfrey in York sending a cheque for three guineas for three volumes of Hirth, Kulturgeschichtliches Bilderbuch],
1951/2: Letter from F.H. Cripps-Day, Swanswood, dated 8/1, no year, sending copies of 'Vol. I Pts. 3 & 4', for the Tower and for spares in connection with preparations for the Greenwich Armour exhibition, 1951: 'I have no more copies left'. Goes on to discuss manuscript lists of armourers and the armour for man and horse from Glssgow. [3 ff.], Leamington, dated 1934, thanking for enlarged photographs of pictures in the Warwick Roll,
1951/3: [Carbon copy of letter to Sir Owen Morshead, dated 19th January 1951, explaining that a commemorative medal of the arrival of George I in the guise of Amphitrite had cost ú2.10s. but that he had failed to obtain a receipt and asking for reimbursement 'at your convenience',
1951/4a, b, c, d, e, f: A group of letters related to a discussion of a funeral procession in 1681 of an ancester of the Earl of Rothes:, a) Letter from A. Gow, Trinity College, Cambridge, dated 16.1.51, with JGM's note of his reply, 22.1.51,
b) Letter from A. Gow, dated 24.1.51 acknowledging JGM's reply,
c) Letter from Lord Rothes, dated 25th January, 1951, inviting JGM to come an inspect the manuscript,
d) Carbon copy of letter from JGM dated 27th January, 1951 accepting,
e) Letter from Lord Rothes, dated 7th February, 1951, accepting JGM's apology for his non-appearance,
f) Carbon copy of letter from JGM, dated 8th February, 1951, accepting changed invitation,
1951/5a: Letter from Dr. A.E.J. Hollaender, Guildhall Library, dated 4th May, 1951, sending a photostat of a portrait of Henry VIII in armour from a charter of the Plaisterers' Company and asking whether it was an identifiable armour,
1951/5b: Carbon copy of letter from JGM dated 15th May, 1951, replying that the armour 'shows a quaint mixture of the late renaissance and the Gothic' and probably never existed,
1951/6a: Letter from the antiquarian bookdealer Dr. E.T.P. Goldschmidt, dated June 26 1951, offering a copy of Hans Creutzberger, Wolgerissene Contrafactur und Formen der Gebiss..., Vienna, 1591,
1951/6b: Detailed collation of the Creutzberger book,
1951/6c: Carbon copy of letter from JGM, dated 30th June 1951, asking to see the book,
1951/6d: 'On Approval' invoice from E.P. T. Goldschmidt & Co. dated 2 July 1951 for the Creutzberger, for ú20. 5s.,
1951/7a: Letter from [? Robert Charles], 98 Rue de Vaugirard, dated Le 9.7.51 sending the measurements of the armour of Galiot de Genouilhac (G.36) in the Musee de l'Armee, Paris,
1951/7b: Sheet of measurements on schematic sketches of the parts of the armour,
1951/7c: Two sheets of similar, corrected, measurements, annotated in the handwriting of Claude Blair,
1951/8: Letter from Stephen V. Grancsay, from the Metorpolitan Museum of Art, New York, dated July 24, 1951, congratulating JGM on the exhibition of Greenwich armor at the Tower and on the new displays in the Tower,
1951/9: Letter from Herbert Maryon of the Research Laboratory, British Museum, dated 31 July 1951, asking for any information that might be available about the work of 'Maryon the bladesmith, who was 'keeper of the king's swords and daggers' for Henry VIII.' [A pencilled note: Nothing under M in deC dict.],
1951/10: Letter from W.S. Maclagan, thanking 'Sir James' for returning 'the enlarged photograph of Sir Roger le Brabazon...',
1951/11: Letter from Claude Blair, from the Armouries, Tower of London, dated 10.ix.51, offering to give to the Armouries a Gothic cuisse, recently purchased at Sotheby's, which he and Egli [the then head armourer] had discovered to be 'a pair to one on Gothic armour No. 3 in the Horse Armoury'. Annotated by JGM: 'Checked & accepted it with gratitude & reimbursed him ú1, the cost to him, 14th Sept 1951.',
1951/12a: Letter from Norris Kennard, King Edward VII Sanatorium, Midhurst, dated 18th Sept. 1951, thanking for letter and discussing his own health. [2 ff.],
1951/12b: Carbon copy of letter from JGM to Norris Kennard, dated 2nd October, 1951, congatulating him on progess and asking for comments on 'an export list from Keith Neal,
1951/12c: Letter from Norris Kennard, dated 5th October 1951 retuning Neal's export list [not present] and commenting on ia. a double barrleed blunderbuss. [2 ff.],
1951/13a: Carbon copy of letter from JGM to Brigadier O.F.G. Hogg, dated 2nd October 1951, asking, in connection with his (Hogg's) researches into the history of the Royal Arsenal, whether he had found 'any record of the doors of arsenals being painted red?',
1951/13b: Letter from Brigadier Hogg, 1 Hardy Road, Blackheath, dated 4th October 1951 confirming his work on the history of the Arsenal in which he had reached the end of the 18th century and in which he had never found any reference to doors being painted red, although red had always been used as a warning colour,
1951/13c: Letter from JGM to Brigadier Hogg, dated 10th October 1951 thanking for the information and hoping that he would be able to find 'a subsidy for publishing it in toto... In my experience it is always the parts of books that are cut out that are the most valuable to the student...',
1951/14a: Letter from the antiquarian bookdealer E. Weil, 28 Litchfield Way, London NW11, dated October 22, 1951, offering the first and the second editions of Tartaglia Quesiti et Inventioni, 1546 and 1554,
1951/14b: Carbon copy of letter from JGM, dated 24th October 1951 arranging to inspect,
1951/15: Letter from T.G.E. Powell, Department of Prehistoric Archaeology, University of Liverpool, dated 30 Oct. 51, inviting JGM to dinner with 'a few Fellow Antiquaries who reside in this gloomy city' on one of the evenings that he would be in Liverpool to deliver a course of lectures,
1951/16a: Letter from J.G. Scott, Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum, dated 23rd October, 1951, agreeing to an exchange of gauntlets on a Greenwich armour on loan from Glasgow,
1951/16b: Carbon copy of letter from JGM to J.G. Scott, thanking him and the Director of the Museum Stuart M.K. Henderson for agreeing,
1951/17a: Letter from Cora J. Ough, 16 Gregory Street, Old Lenton, Nottingham, dated 23rd October 1951, about a glossary taken without acknowledgment from the catalogue of the Wallace Collection for a catalogue of arms and armour in Lincoln. [Probably: City Museum (Lincoln) The armeria : a fireside chat on arms and armour combining notes and a catalogue of the exhibits in the City Museum. - Lincoln : City and County of Lincoln, [ca. 1951]],
1951/17b: Carbon copy of a letter from JGM, dated 16th November, thanking for reference but not intending to complain. 'I know Mr. Smith quite well. He is a jeweller in Lincoln and... has been buying armour very heavily at Sotheby's to present to his native city... he probably regards the official catalogues of public collections as being published for all to make free use of',
1951/18a: Letter from Major General G.P. Walsh, from the War Office, Whitehall, dated 22 November, 1951, asking whether the Armouries could provide 'two Crimean War or earlier type guns for the entrance' to a military wing of the York City Museum,
1951/18b: Carbon copy of leter from JGM, dated 5th December, 1951, offering two of the remaining guns that were uprooted from Tower Hill during the war. 'Some ninety guns planted in the roadway as bollards on Tower Hill were uprooted for salvage at a cost of ú5 each. From these I managed to save about a dozen, some of which I have already given away...',
1951/19a: Letter from John S. du Mont, Greenfield, Massachusetts, dated 15 Nov. 1951, confirming that the Massachusetts Arms Collectors are 'endeavouring to locate a specimen [of a Kentucky rifle] suitable for display at the Tower, and W.G. Renwick, whom you know, heads our Committee',
1951/19b: Carbon copy of letter from JGM to Mr. du Mont, dated 7th December, 1951, thanking the committee for their endeavours,
1951/20: Letter from the Director of the Science Museum dated 17th December, 1951, asking for permission to used illustrations from the Firework Book 'of which we recently took photographs'. A note in JGM's hand: welcome to do so. 22.xii.51,
1951/21a: Letter from Prince Vladimir Galitzine, 20a Berkeley Street, dated 14th December, 1951, offering 'a rather interesting Russian Sword in a Red Leather and gilt-tooled case... I wonder if you could advise me who might be interested in it',
1951/21b: Carbon copy of letter from JGM to Prince Galitzine, dated 21st December, 1951: 'Have you thought of offering it to the Victoria and Albert Museum?',
1951/22: Small file of correspondence relating to JGM's agreement to write an account of Charles ffoulkes for the Dictionary of National Biography, August-December, 1951. [6 ff.],
1951/22f: Letter from sub-editor Helen Palmer, dated 21 December 1951: 'The Supplement will not be published before 1954. Perhaps you feel that by then it is unlikely that the relatives will see your notice of C.J. ffoulkes. They must have been aware that he was the cente of controversies, and I suppose the difficulty arises in stating to what extent he was at fault... Naturally we do not want to give pain to relatives, but at the same time we do want the biographies to come to life and their subjects to emerge as personalities. This can hardly be done if all the controversies are omitted',
[1951/23]: Printed note relating to The Surveyors' Club, 1792, 'revised by W.H. Ansell, Esq., in 1951'


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