Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Letters - Various - UK [5]

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Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Letters - Various - UK [5]

Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Letters - Various - UK [5]




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1934/1: Letter from Philip B. Chatwin, 26 Binswood Avenue, Leamington, dated 1934, thanking for enlarged photographs of pictures in the Warwick Roll,
1934/2: Letter from W.H. Fenton, Heston House, Heston, Middx., dated March 14th, 1934, explaining that the 'mortuary sword was bought for my own collection... The portraits are I think Charles, Prince Rupert and Henrietta Maria',
1934/3: Letter from Charles ffoulkes, The Armouries, Tower of London, dated 25 May, 1934, thanking for 'the most admirable paper on Spanish armour...',
1934/4: Letter from Thomas Temple Hoopes, U.S.S. Pensacola, dated August 26, 1934, inviting JGM and Mrs. Mann to dinner in the wardroom when the U.S.S. Pensacola would be at Gravesend,
1934/5: Postcard from Horace Barry, De Tillens, Limpsfield, dated 19-9-34, offering a suit of armour, photograph attached, for ú5. 5s.,
1934/5a: Photograph of armour,
1934/6: Letter from G. Kimber, S.S. Otranto, dated 1/x/34, describing a miniature armour by Michael Mann of Nuremburg, that was displayed in 'Titiana's Palace', by Neville Wilkinson, Ulster King at Arms,
1934/7: Letter from Francis Mallett, Mallet & Son, 40, New Bond Street, dated Oct. 5th 34, describing the location of his house in Bath, in case JGM should be in Bath over the weekend. [2 ff.],
1934/8: Letter from 'Sabbe' [Sebastian Comper], 33, Portland Place, W.1, dated 7 Oct. 34, asking to be put in touch with 'your builder man - Mr. Dean. I have got my 'industrial flats' scheme on paper now...,
1934/9: Letter from Sebastian Comper, dated 15 Oct. 34, thanking for contact and asking for address and initial and also asking for details of courses at the Courtauld Institute,
1934/10: Letter from L. Beck, 1 Queen Anne's Grove, Bedford Park, W.4., thanking for offprint of article on Spanish armour,
1934/11: Letter from Crauford & Balcarres, 7 Audley Square, W.1, accepting the invitation to preside at his lecture on 9 November,
1934/12: Letter from Lancelot Beck, 1 Queen Anne's Grove, Bedford Park, thanking for letter and invitation to the lecture at Leighton House on the 9th...,
1934/13: Letter from F. Gordon Roe, 18 Stanford Road, Kensington, dated 22nd November, 1934, apologising for not thanking JGM for 'last night': 'That old Ordnance list is at your disposal at any time; but I expect you would prefer to see it after your return from Russia',
1934/14 Letter from L. Beck, 1, Queen Anne's Grove, dated Nov. 25th 34, regretting that he had not been able to attend the lecture on the 9th and asking some questions about small swords and fencing foils , with sheet of drawings enclosed, 1934/14a: Sheet of illustrations of back edges of fencing foils etc,
1934/15: Memo note dated 26/11/34, asking Mr. Mann to 'phone Capt. Beck',
1934/16: Letter from Martin R. Holmes, Castle Bank, Appleby, dated 27.12.34, thanking for 'your note about the fire-pike' and hoping to be able to research armourers' officially',
1935/17: Postcard, dated 1/1/35, from M.R. Holmes thanking properly for help about the fire-pikes and for photographs: 'Today the Certificate came from the Civil Service Commission, & I have been all the morning shifting my quarters...',
1935/18: Letter from [? Martin Harvey], Parkholme, East Sheen, S.W.14, dated Jan. 15. 35, taking the 'liberty of sending up my guns... to your house & may I ask you to be so very kind as to Exhibit them for me ?' [at a Meyrick Society meeting],
1935/19: Letter from Lancelot Beck, 1 Queen Ann's Grove, Bedford Park, dated Jany 17th 35, thanking for hospitality at a Meyrick meeting,
[1935/20]: Letter from Clement Milward, 9 Wilson Road, Englefield Green, Surrey, dated Wednesday, sending a photograph of a 'marteau d'armes' which he had recently purchased,
1935/21: Letter, undated but with envelope postmarked 26 Ja 35, thanking for return of photograph of marteau d'armes: 'I'm sorry you cannot go with it for I am certain it is genuine',
1935/22: Letter from L. Beck, 1 Queen Ann's Grove, dated Jany 31st 35 about a possible visit by JGM,
1935/23: Letter from L. Beck, 1 Queen Anne's Grove, dated Apl. 28th 35, thanking for invitation to attend lecture on the Gonzaga Armoury at the Society of Antiquaries, referring to an invitation from Mr. Cripps Day that he had been unable to accept and discussing the reasons for the physical disappearance of armour,
1935/24: Letter from [? Martin Harvey], Parkholme, East Shee, regretting that an appointment to attend a dinner of the Knights of the Round Table prevented him from dining with JGM,
1935/25: Letter from Sebastian Comper, 33, Portland Place, W.1, dated 5 Nov., 1935, discussing the possibility of making a replica of the mediaeval font cover in Ufford Church and placing the original in the V&A,
[? 1935/26]: Letter, undated from Clement Milward, sending a list of swords from 'a wellknown North of England Collection' and mentioning a collection of art books for sale at Zwemmers,
[? 1935/26a]: List of swords.


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  MANN 18/11 5 - Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Letters - Various - UK [5]