Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Letters - Various - UK [4]

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Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Letters - Various - UK [4]

Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Letters - Various - UK [4]




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[1931/1]: Draft letter from JGM to 'My dear Leeds' dated 13th Feb. 1931, explaining why he had decided not to apply for the Keepership of the Fine Art Department of the Ashmolean Museum: 'the Department of Fine Art is rather specialised & does not offer any means of expansion in the directions in which my particular interests lie',
[1931/2]: Draft letter from JGM to 'My dear Canon Cooke', dated 13th Feb. 1931, explaining that he would not be applying for the Keepership of 'Bell's Department'. 'I feel it would be a mistake to leave London, which is, & which will continue more than ever to be the centre of the art world in England, and as you know I do not think Mary would enjoy living in Oxford',
1931/3: Letter from M.J. Rendall, Butley Priory, Woodbridge, dated May 20 [postmark 'My 31'], describing excavation at the Priory and sending drawing of a coat of arms on a tile found. [3 ff.],
[1931/3a]: Draft letter from JGM to 'My dear Dr. Rendall' thanking for letter and promising to search for the coat of arms when next in the library of the Society of Antiquaries. [Undated],
1931/4: Letter from G. M.... Rushforth, Riddlesden, Malvern Wells, dated, discussing effigies,
1931/5: Letter from Kenneth Clarke, Old Palace Place, Richmond Green, Surrey, dated 24 June '31, thanking for letter of congratulation [on appointment to the Ashmolean Museum Department of Fine Art],
1931/6: Letter from C.T. Currelly, Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology, Toronto, sending over 'a box of McIntoch Red apples... These are with the compliments of the Prime Minister, as I explained to the authorities how much we owed to your kindness in placing your very valuable advice at our disposal',
1931/7: Letter from Lelio Stampa, Arlington, Bassett, Southampton, dated 19.xij.1931, explaining that he cannot get up to London,
1932/8: Letter from Tancred Borenius, 28 Kensington Gate, Kensington, dated 20th May 1932, thanking for letter and commenting: 'I feel personally some satisfaction in having been privileged to write this book on England's national saint.' [Borenius, Tancred, The iconography of St. Thomas of Canterbury, Archaeologia. Vol. 79 (1929), 29-54],
1932/9: Letter from Tancred Borenius, 28 Kensington Gate, dated June 3, 1932, thanking for 're-print of your lecture',
1932/10: Letter from [? Ninian McKall] The High House, Newbury, dated 23/7/32, thanking for letter and note of a mistake, 'which will be corrected in the next edition if any',
1932/11: Letter from Tancred Borenius, 28 Kensington Gate, dated Dec. 4, 1932, saying how much he is 'looking forward to the expedition to Clandon which we booked for the 10th - Saturday next',
1933/12: Letter from 'Your loving aunt Julia A. Doak', Crannich, Carr Bridge, Inverness-shire, thanking for Christmas card etc., dated 13th Feb., 1933,
1933/13: Letter from [..........], Coton End, 63, Grange Road, Cambridge, dated 22.4.33, discussing a medal and heraldry,
1933/14 Letter from Lelio Stampa, 61 Holywell, Oxford, dated 10.v.1933, asking JGM to help him choose a 'presentation' piece for which his pupils have subscribed ú80, possibly 'that reproduction of the Wallace suit 9the XV cent. mounted man at arms with arm & sword raised)... I was grieved to see that they have retired ffoulkes. I had hoped that they would prolong the tenure of his job at the War Museum. I fear that means that they have not any intention of building a permanent abiding place for his stuff for some time,
1933/15: Letter from Lelio Stampa, dated 19.v.1933, thanking for the 'trouble you have taken over the matter of my 'presentation'',
1933/16: Letter from Lelio Stampa, dated 20.v.1933, about his future retirement,
1933/17: Letter from Lelio Stampa, Stanton, Higher Erith Road, Wellswood, Torquay, dated 6.viij, 1933, describing his new house.'The Wallace Knight & horse adorn the dining room table & look very handsome'.


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