Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Letters - Various - UK [3]

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Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Letters - Various - UK [3]

Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Letters - Various - UK [3]




MANN 18/11 3



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1930/1: Letter from H. Furmage, 10 Fulham Park Gardens, dated Jan. 6th, 1930, thanking for loan of catalogues and reporting that the collection 'has been offered to me by the Soviets',
1930/2: Letter from H. Furmage, 10 Fulham Park Gardens, dated Jan. 29th 1930 discussing his forthcoming visit to Russia to inspect 'various collections',
[1930/2a]: Draft letter, dated 29 Jan 1930, from JGM to Mr. Furmage, discussing the Scheremetev collection and possible forthcoming visit by Furmage to Russia,
[1930/3]: Draft letter from JGM to 'Dear Sir Robert' suggesting that he give a lecture on the 'Armourers of Milan' in conjunction with the present exhibition of Italian Art. Undated but presumably early 1930: Royal Academy of Arts (London), Exhibition of Italian art, 1200-1900, London, 1930,
1930/4: Letter from A.H. Baldwin & Sons, Ltd., discussing swords that JGM had seen on their premises. Notes and drawings by JGM, inc. 'Coates bt. these swords from Beard about 1921',
1930/5: Letter from J.W. Latham, 12 Bedford Road, Bedford Park, dated May 3rd 1930, discussing Andrea Ferrara and mentioning a forthcoming appointment with a friend of JGM's, Mr. Macpherson Lawrie,
1930/6: Letter from Lelio Stampa, 61 Holywell, Oxford, dated 14.v.1930, asking JGM to have a look at a breastplate that he had been offered by Fenton,
[1930/6a]: Letter addressed to Lelio Stampa Esq., from Fenton & sons Ltd., 11 New Oxford Street, dated 13th May, 1930, offering a '17th century breastplate... [with] the name of the French Company in which it was used. A rough rubbing of the inscription enclosed. A capital P, and beneath 'C. De St. Denis, No. 28'... Price ú5-5-0',
[1930/6b]: The rubbing is present,
[? 1930/7]: Letter from Eleanor M. Brougham, Brougham, Penrith, dated Sept. 16, no year, regreting that it will not be possible for him to visit as she will have left by 'next Monday, & my nephew (who owns this place now) has gone abroad for three weeks',
1930/8: Letter from E.W. Stead, Dalston Hall, Dalston, Cumberland, dated Sept. 18, 1930, confirming an appointment for a visit 'on Monday',
1930/8a: Sketch of pavise at Dalston Hall,
1930/9: Letter from Tancred Borenius, 17a De Vere Gardens, Kensington, dated 19.X.1930, thanking for gift of 'your paper' and sending a photograph of a swords seen at a dealers, Drey, in Munich,
1930/10: Letter from Oriana Irving, Morsheads, Winchester, dated Oct. 31st 1930, thanking for a letter of sympathy,
1930/11: Postcard from Lelio [Stampa], dated All Souls Day, 1930, discussing hatchments,
1930/12: Letter from Emma Schroder [JGM's note Baroness von Schroeder], Dell Park,Englefield Green, Surrey, inviting JGM to come to lunch and see 'our small collection',
1930/13: Letter from G..... Rushforth, Riddlesden, Malvern Wells, dated 10.xi.30, thanking for 'the new edition of the picture catalogue for Hertford House',
1930/14: Letter from George F. Hill, British Museum, dated 7 Dec. 1930. thanking for letter and refusing invitation to dinner,
1930/15: Letter from A. ven de Put, Victoria and Albert Museum, dated 10.xii.30 discussing questions of identifying heraldic coats of arms, with a note on describing coats of arms in ? a different hand. [2 ff.],
1930/16: Letter from Bariness von Schroeder, Dell Park, Englefield Green, dated 13.12.30, thanking for letter and all the trouble which you have taken about the coat of arms,
1930/17: Letter from C.I. Fraser, Reelig House, Kirkhill, Inverness-shire, dated Dec. 14th 1930, thanking for letter and for the trouble taken about Sir Alexander Gordon Cummings pistol. 'If you decide to join the committee of the London exhibition of Scottish antiques, I think your decision will be the greatest help to the promoters, for I understand they will have some fine exhibits, & I am sure they will need all the expert help they can get'.


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