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Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Research Notes - Notebooks

Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Research Notes - Notebooks


1912 - 1962






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Creator(s) Sir James Gow Mann


  MANN 6 - Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Research Notes - Notebooks
MANN 6/1 - Notebook entitled, 'Armour notes made in Vienna, Kreuzenstein, Graz, Budapest, & Nurnberg. Sept.-Oct. 1922'
MANN 6/2 - Notebook entitled, 'Armour notes: Paris, Burgos, Madrid, Seville, Granada, Madrid, Toledo, Oct. 1924
MANN 6/3 - Notebook entitled, 'Armour Notes: Spain (contd.): Madrid (Medina Celi) Inst. Valencia, etc. Mus. d'artillerie, Paris, Oct. 1924.'
MANN 6/4 - Notebook entitled, 'Munich, July 1925'
MANN 6/5 - Notebook entitled, 'Notes: Munich (Nat. Museum); Bamberg and Coburg, July 1925'
MANN 6/6 - Notebook entitled, 'Dresden, July 1925'
MANN 6/7 - Notebook entitled, 'Notes, Paris & Italy, Feb. - March 1926'
MANN 6/8 - Notebook entitled, 'Notes Innsbruck, Churburg, Vienna, Sept.-Oct. 1926'
MANN 6/9 - Notebook entitled, 'Notes, Vienna Prehistoric Museum, Oct. 1926 (contd.); Armour Notes, Churburg, Zurich, Dijon, Paris, Sept.-Oct. 1927'
MANN 6/10 - Notebook entitled, 'Italy, April 1928; Castles, S. Maria delle Grazie figures, Venice, Bachereau'
MANN 6/11 - Notebook entitled, 'Germany, Sept.-Oct. 1928: I: Cologne, the Rhine castles, Mainz, Darmstadt, Erbach (i)'
MANN 6/12 - Notebook entitled, 'Germany, Sept. Oct. 1928: II: Erbach (cont.) ii, Neckarsteinach, Ersheimer Kapelle, Erbach (cont.) iii, Michelstadt, Hirschhorn, Wimpfen, Heinsheim, Gundelsheim, Hornberg, Burnberg, Rothenburg i, Ansbach, Rothenburg (cont.) ii, Wurzburg i'
MANN 6/13 - Notebook entitled, '[Germany] 'Notes Sept. Oct. 1928, III: Wurzburg (cont.) ii, Wartburg i, Romhild, Wartburg ii, Schwarzburg, Amstadt'
MANN 6/14 - Notebook entitled, 'Notes 1929: Album of Filippo Ursoni'
MANN 6/15 - Notebook entitled, 'Italy 1929; (Ursoni Ms); Paris, Musee de l'Armee; Sion, Cath. & Museum; Florence, Bargello, Stibbert, de Cosson; Urbino, Poppi etc.; Mantua, Grazie; Modena'
MANN 6/16 - Notebook entitled, 'The Gonzaga Inventories, 1929'
MANN 6/17 - Notebook entitled, 'Chartres, 1929; Paris; Barcelona, 1930, Exhibition'
MANN 6/18 - Notebook entitled, 'English Churches: BHS Tour, N. Shropshire, April 25-28th, 1930; Visit with M. to Long Melford neighbourhood, Easter, 1930; Visit to Marlborough district, July 4-6, RAUS & MM'
MANN 6/19 - Notebook entitled, 'Arundel (with Falke); With Sir E.B. Broughton, Tadmarten, Swalcliffe, Compton Winyates, Ockwells (descr. of contents)'
MANN 6/20 - Notebook entitled, 'Tour of Scotland, Sept. 1930'
MANN 6/21 - Notebook entitled, 'Notes chiefly from Donesmondi (Grazie) and on the Gunner's Stiletto'
MANN 6/22 - Notebook entitled, 'Notes in British Museum, 1930; Gunner's Stiletto'
MANN 6/23 - Notebook entitled, 'Belgium and Holland, 1931; I: Brussels, Antwerp, Essehen, The Hague, Amsterdam' and 'Chichester, Dec. 1931; Boxgrove; Westhamprett; V&A; B.M. Library; Knebworth; Wilts RAUS'
MANN 6/24 - Notebook entitled, 'Holland and Germany, 1931; II: Leiden, Emden, Bremen, Brunswick, Hildesheim, Schl. Blankenberg, Halberstadt, Quedlinburg, Gernrode, Goslar, Cassel'
MANN 6/25 - Notebook entitled, 'English Churches, 1931: BHS Tour Cambridge and Essex; Week-end with AKW in Northamptonshire; Week-end with Carr-Gomms in Sussex; Chevening, FHCD, MM. 1931; Sundridge; Hever, 1933'
MANN 6/26 - Notebook entitled, 'Germany 1931; III: Lowenburg, Cassel; Chenies, Bucks'
MANN 6/27 - Notebook entitled, 'Visits to English Churches: Cocked Hats, 1932; Holme, Avenham, Southwell, Hoveningham, Gonalston, Lowdham, Shelford, Newark, Staunton-in-the-Vale, Belvoir, Bottesford; Framlingham; Chevening, Kent, Aylesford; BHS, 1932; Farnham, Hengrave, Ickingham, Mildenhall, Little Saxham, Great Saxham, Barrow, Denham, Wickhambrook, Denston, Stansfield, Poslingford, Cavendish, Long Melford, Farnham St. Martin, Wordwell, Culford, Ampton, Little livermore, Great Livermore, Trosten, Herringto
MANN 6/28 - Notebook entitled, 'Germany, 1932: Frankfurt am Main, Marburg, Braunfels, Runkel, Limburg, Mosel, Augsburg, Munich, (i)'
MANN 6/29 - Notebook entitled, 'Germany, 1932 (II): Munich (ii), Nordlinging, Ansbach, Frankfurt (2); Hatfield (1), Joubert, Browsholme, Mytton, Whalley, Penshurst, Hatfield (2), Butley'
MANN 6/30 - Notebook entitled, 'Visits to English Churches, 1933: S. Devon - Easter at Bantham; Sussex with RAUS and JAMR; Durham, Buck; Westminster Abbey Monuments; Berkshire, Wilts, Gloucestershire, with AKW; Harefield, Middlesex'
MANN 6/31 - Notebook entitled, 'Italy 1933 (1); Como, Milan, Florence, Brescia, Venice'
MANN 6/32 - Notebook entitled, 'Italy (2), Tyrol, 1933. Lucerne, Arezzo, Florence, Bologna, Parma, Lago d'Iseo, Verona, Bozen, Brixen, Innsbruck'
MANN 6/33 - Notebook entitled, 'Dublin 1933, Liverpool, 1933, Holland-Martin expedition, 1933; Also Fenton at Heston, 1934; BHS Worcestershire, 1941'
MANN 6/34 - Notebook entitled, 'English Churches, 1933-34; [Kent, Berks.]; Cocked Hats, June, 1934 [Sussex]; With Holland-Martin, Aug. '34 [Welsh border]'
MANN 6/35 - Notebook entitled, 'Portugal, 1934'
MANN 6/36 - Notebook entitled, 'Portugal (II) and Spain, 1934'
MANN 6/37 - Notebook entitled, 'Newport Pagnel and N. Bucks., BHS 1934'
MANN 6/38 - Notebook entitled, 'Bristol Cathedral; Baltic, 1934: Stockholm, Helsingfors, Hermitage, Helsingfors, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen (1)'
MANN 6/39 - Notebook entitled, 'Copenhagen (2)'
MANN 6/40 - Notebook entitled, 'Scotland, Easter, 1935; Somerset'
MANN 6/41 - Notebook entitled, 'Austria, 1935'
MANN 6/42 - Notebook entitled, 'England, 1935; Windsor; Somerset; Suffolk (Cocked Hats) - Derbyshire & Staffordshire (BHS): Paris'
MANN 6/43 - Notebook entitled, 'Canterbury (BHS, 1936); Portugal and Santiago da Compostela'
MANN 6/44 - Notebook entitled, 'Normandy, 1936; Chatsworth; Hever Castle (Meyrick, 14.vii.37)'
MANN 6/45 - Notebook entitled, 'Notes on Gunmakers; Warwick Castle, 1936; Winchester (BHS Jan. 1938)'
MANN 6/47 - Notebook entitled, 'Somerset, BHS; Visit to Spain with Sir Frederick Kenyon at the invitation of the Spanish Government to inspect the measures taken to protect works of art during the Civil War'
MANN 6/48 - Notebook entitled, 'Italy - France, Aug.-Sept. 1937, incl. Santa Maria delle Grazie'
MANN 6/49 - Notebook entitled, 'Churburg; Rome; Florence, 1938'
MANN 6/50 - Notebook entitled, 'W. R. Hearst Collection, St. Donat's Castle, 1938, with notes added in 1951.; BHS Malmesbury, 1938'
MANN 6/51 - Notebook entitled, 'BHS Hereford, 1939; Berne, Solothurn, Geneva, Dijon, 1939; Mansion House, 1939; Woolwich Rotunda, 1940'
MANN 6/52 - Notebook entitled, 'BHS Bucks, 1940; Caernarvon; Audley, Staffs.; Hutton Castle; Berwick; Fulmer, Watford etc.; Chester; Temple Church effigies'
MANN 6/53 - Notebook entitled, 'Notes on The Decoration of Armour, 1940; Irish arms, early costume books, 1944'
MANN 6/54 - Notebook entitled, 'Inventory of Cripps Day's armour removed from York Terrace, 1941; Notes for lecture on Italian Influence versus English Tradition in XVIIth century Sculpture, Courtauld Inst., 1941; Arms and Armour at Norton Hall, Daventry, April, 1942; Sir Archibald Lyl's Collection, Murthly, Perthshire, 1940; Cambridge, Cocked Hats, July 4-5th, 1942'
MANN 6/55 - Notebook entitled, '1943; Eversley; Howard de Walden; Huntingdon BHS'
MANN 6/56 - Noteboook entitled: 'BHS Oakham, 1944'
MANN 6/57 - Notebook entitled, 'Paris, Sept., 1944; St. Donat's, 1946 and 1948'
MANN 6/58 - Notebook entitled, 'Italy, 1945; Naples; Rome; Siena; Florence; Rome; Naples'
MANN 6/59 - Notebook entitled, 'Cocked Hats, Ripon, 1945; BHS, Norfolk, 1945; Ledger Collection, 1947; Scrivelsby, 1947; BHS, Louth, 1947'
MANN 6/60 - Notebook entitled, '1946; Goodrich Court; Kings Lynn (Cocked Hats); Oxford, BHS; Dean Castle, Kilmarnock; Culzean Castle, Ayr; Bayon's Manor, Tealby; Lincston; N.Italy & Tyrol: Milan; Brescia; Palazzolo; Mantua; Meran; Verona'
MANN 6/61 - Notebook entitled, 'Switzerland and N. Italy, 1947; Zernetz - Munster; Bozen; Churburg; Verona; Venice; Mantua; Barnard Castle and neighbourhood, including Durham Cath., 1948; Chichester, Cocked Hats'
MANN 6/62 - Notebook entitled, 'New York, etc., 1948. I'
MANN 6/63 - Notebook entitled, 'New York, etc., 1948. II'
MANN 6/64 - Notebook entitled, '1949; Aix-en-Provence; Avignon; Pont du Gard; Turin, Armeria; Pauilhac Collection, Paris; Zurich, Schw. N. Musm'
MANN 6/65 - Notebook entitled, 'July-Aug., 1949: Marienburg; Wolfenbuttel; Hanover; Celle; Cocked Hats, Bury St. Edmunds, June, 1949; Hengrave Hall; Dunston; Ickworth; Brandon; BHS, Salisbury, 8th-12th Aug., 1949'
MANN 6/66 - Notebook entitled, '1950, 1951; BHS, 1950, Newark; Naples; Ischia; Capo di Monte, Aug.-Sept., '50; 1951: Manchester; Birmingham; Aug.-Sept.,1951; Ypres; Bruges; Courtrai; Tournai; Brussels; Innsbruck; Sterzing; Rattenburg; Hohenaschau; [Amheer]; Verona: Mantua; Sabbioneta; Milan; Pavia'
MANN 6/67 - Notebook entitled, 'Stockholm, 1952; Churburg; Lucerne, 1956; Howard de Walden Colln., Kilmarnock'
MANN 6/68 - Notebook entitled, 'BHS, Cambridgeshire, 1953; Cottesbrook; Boughton; Althorp; Weekley'
MANN 6/69 - Notebook entitled, 'N. Italy, May, 1953; St. Vincent, Val d'Aosta; Milan; Brescia; Mantua; and Palazzuolo (Marzoli)'
MANN 6/70 - Notebook entitled, 'Switzerland (Schloss Au); Churburg; N. Italy, Aug.- September, 1953'
MANN 6/71 - Notebook entitled, 'Fischer, Lucerne, Feb., 1954; Genoa, Portofino, Turin, Bourg-en-Bresse: Scotland, April, 1954; Cheshire, July, 1954; Gloucestershire, with Historic Buildings Council, June, 1954; BHS, August, 1954, Staffordshire; Harewood house and Yorkshire, August, 1954'
MANN 6/72 - Notebook entitled, 'Brescia, Mostra delle Armi Antiche; NB Catalogue to exhibition in Library, Leeds and Tower'
MANN 6/73 - Notebook entitled, 'Innsbruck, 1954; Exhibition of Innsbruck Armour in the Ferdinandeum; Schloss Ambras, Wilten; NB Catalogue to exhibition in Library, Leeds and Tower'
MANN 6/74 - Notebook entitled, 'May, 1955: Ghent, Charles V Exhibition; Versailles; Pauilhac Collection, Musee Cluny'
MANN 6/75 - Notebook entitled, 'Aug.-Sept., 1955: Garda; Camaldoli; Palazzolo; Malcesina; Riva; Bozen; Churburg; Gluens; Brixen; Innsbruck'
MANN 6/76 - Notebook entitled, 'East Yorkshire, Aug. 1955 (BHS (RAUS)); also Wistow Hall (Fremantle); Derby; Laughton etc.; Hastings Museum, with Barnes, Feb. 1955'
MANN 6/77 - Notebook entitled, '1956; Wiltshire with RAUS; BHS Holbeach and N. Norfolk; Nurnberg; Neuburg; Ingolstadt; Regensburg; Munich; Landshut; Brussels, Porte de Hal'
MANN 6/78 - Notebook entitled, '1956,1957: Stoneleigh; Turin; Bruges'
MANN 6/79 - Notebook entitled, '1957; Paris (Feb., 1957) (Musee de l'Armee, Louvre, Cluny, M. des Arts Decoratifs, Pauilhac Colln., Vincennes); Caister and neighbourhood (Denis Buxton); To Shipton Moyne, Glos., incl. Ditchley, Blenheim, Badminton, Thornbury Castle, etc; Hever Castle, Kent; Effigies at Shipton Moyne and Old Sodbury'
MANN 6/80 - Notebook entitled, '1957, July, R. Williams, Hereford Cath., [Wilmster] Cheshire; Milan, Aug.-Sept.; Ambrosiana, Poldi Pezzoli; Marzoli, Palazzuolo'
MANN 6/81 - Notebook entitled, 'Marlborough area, RAUS [? J]; Somerset, Wilts., Dorset, HBC; Cheshire, ABH.; Cranbrook, Kent, BHS; Churburg, Aug. 1957; Malta; Sicily; Milan, Monza'
MANN 6/82 - Notebook entitled, 'Strafield Saye; Madrid, Gibraltar; Ripon; Bingham's Melcombe; Leek; HBT, Stafford, Bakewell, Hardwick etc.; Felsted; Hagley, Worcs.; Hampton Court; Meyrick to Norton (RW), via Worcester; BHS Lichfield'
MANN 6/83 - Notebook entitled, 'Madrid, Real Armeria, April, 1958'
MANN 6/84 - Notebook entitled, 'Cracow; Czechoslovakia [Oct.] 1958'
MANN 6/85 - Notebook entitled, 'Czechoslovakia 1958 (contd.); Cracow (contd.); Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire; Cornwall, St. Michael Caerhays, Constantine'
MANN 6/86 - Notebook entitled, '1959: Aylesbury; Winchester and district; BHS anniversary, Fairford and district; HBC Nortumberland and Yorkshire; Churburg; Trento; Venice - Padua; Klagenfurt and district; Graz; Vienna'
MANN 6/87 - Notebook entitled, '4th Aug. 1959, BHS [Suffolk]; Churburg, 12/13-viii-59
MANN 6/88 - Notebook entitled, '8-14th Nov.,1959, Lisbon, Oporto, Lisbon; 14th-17th Nov., Madrid'
MANN 6/89 - Notebook entitled, 'Paris, Musee de l'Armee, 16th Sept., 1959; BHS Oxford… July, 1960'
MANN 6/90 - Notebook entitled, 'Vienna; Dresden; Konigstein; Meissen; Moritzburg; Dresden; 15-28 May, 1960'
MANN 6/91 - Notebook entitled, 'October, 1960; Athens; Delphi; Rhodes; Lindos; Crete, Herklion and Knossos; Rome'
MANN 6/92 - Notebook entitled, 'Undated, but mostly 1961; Alnwick; Bamburgh; Newcastle, 31-vii-61 - 2-viii-61'
MANN 6/93 - Notebook entitled, 'Sept., 1962: Italy: Florence; Arezzo; Volterra; Poppi; Siena; Monte Oliveto; S. Gimignano; Bologna; Faenza; Brescia; Palazuoli; Mantua; Bergamo; Verona; St. Maurice - Sion; Paris, Musee de l'Armee'