Tower of London - Yeomen Warders

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Tower of London - Yeomen Warders

Tower of London - Yeomen Warders







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Five blueprints for the 'Sealed Pattern: Yeoman Warders' Partizan by Wilkinson Sword Limited, stamped 18 Feb. 1985;, Three shaded prints of decorative engraving; and,, A letter from Major General Patrick MacLellan, CB MBE to Mr. A.V.B. Norman, dated 12 April 1985, depositing the 'top copy' in the Armouries Archives, the second copy was to be sent to Wilkinsons and the third to be kept in Queen's House, Letter reads: 'Sometime ago, following an increase in establishment, we ordered two new Partizans from the Wilkinson Sword Group. When these had been cut but not finished we were shown them and it was clear that they differed considerably from the Partizans already issued to the Yeoman Body. You may recall that we then consulted your staff (Mr. Wilson in particular) and new drawing were prepared. A copy of these drawings are enclosed, 'As you will see we have, with your advice, now reverted much more nearly to the original pattern. In an endeavour to get all the Partizans held by the Body the same in the long term it would seem sensible at this stage to have an overall sealed pattern. With this end in view I have obtained the Constable's signature on the plans..., Five blueprints include:, i. 'Blade', marked 'Authorised. Shape as shown' and signed 'Peter Hunt, Constable, H.M. Tower of London. 11 April 85', ii. 'Assembly Drawing', marked 'Authorised. Shape as Shown' and signed 'Peter Hunt, Constable, H.M. Tower of London. 11 April 85', iii. 'Blade Socket & Foot', iv. 'Pole', v. 'Tassle & Collar', Three shaded prints include:, i. Overall view of whole blade, with profile of blade, attachment to pole and socket, marked 'Authorised. Shape as shown.' and signed 'Peter Hunt, Constable, H.M. Tower of London. 11 April 85', ii. A second copy of i, iii. An enlarged detail of the engraving, labelled: 'Same Size ~ Negative Screen' and annotated 'All below this line is blued and gilt. All above this line is polished steel'. Also a detai of the line engraving of the Royal Coat of Arms, with E II R cypher, in a frame, surrounded by 4 'Tudor' roses. Marked 'H.M Tower of London ~ Partizan. Shadow Art Services: Feb. '85'

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