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Wall charts, etc., relating to arms and armour, including:, 8/1: Wall chart: The Roman Army. Produced by the Sunday Times. First published 1969 Second edition 1972. ... Consultants: Mr. Russell Robinson and the Department of the Environment, 8/2: Wall Chart: The Norman Invasion. Produced by the Sunday Times, 1971.... Consultants: Dr. Alan Robinson and Mr. Russell Robinson and the Department of the Environment, 8/3: Wall chart issued ? by the Post Office in connection with the issue of a set of stamps 'Great Britons', illustrating Robert the Bruce, Henry V, Owain Glyndwr, the Black Prince. Undated. Stamps of the value of 4 1/2p., 5 1/2p., 8p., 10p.. ? abt. 1980, 8/4: Wall chart published by The Pictorial Education Quarterly, Summer, 1975, showing a Roman 'Marching Camp', with a plan of an 'Auxiliary Fort' on the back. Text and illustrations by Peter Connolly. Paintings from different collections, 8/5: 1974: Calendar published by the Institut Suisse d'Armes Anciennes, Grandson, illustrating decorated arms and armour from private collections. 2 copies, one with front cover removed but present and with an illustration cut out, 8/6: 1975: Calendar: Armors & Amours, published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, with descriptive text by Helmut Nickel, Curator of Arms and Armor, 8/7: 1977: Calendar published by Howard Jones, Printers, devoted to the typography of William Caslon. The page for April- June shows a flintlock musket lock, engraved by William Caslon, 1718, 8/8: 1978: Ferranti Calendar 1978 'Communications in War.' illustrating methods of communicating, from the foot messenger to the Radio satellite, 8/9: 1978: 'Wilkinson Sword proudly present a fine collection of swords made for gentlemen of distinction, 1978'. A series of swords with portraits of their owners, 19th and 20th century, 8/10: 1980: The Wilkinson Sword Calendar 1980. Illustrating swords for each century from the 9th to the 20th century, 8/11: 1982: Wallis & Wallis Sales Calendar, 1982, 8/12: 1983: Wallis & Wallis Sales Calendar, 1983, 8/13: 1983: Das Landeszeughas in Graz: Calendar for 1983. 12 pages of illustrations of items from the collection, with a separate Calendar section and captions in English on card backing sheet. 2 copies of the photographic section, but only 1 copy of the calendar and caption card, 8/14: 1984: Wallis & Wallis Sales Calendar, 1984, 8/15: 1985: Wallis & Wallis Sales Calendar, 1985, 8/16: 1989: Wallis & Wallis Sales Calendar, 1989, 8/17: 1991: Arms Fair Calendar 1991, 8/18: 1991: Calendar of the Athens War Museum [Polemiko Mouseio]. 12 pages illustrating items from the Museum's collection. Captions in Greek, but a four language introduction to the Museum on the first page, 8/19: 1993: Wallis & Wallis Sales Calendar, 1993


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