Advertising Posters, Foreign Museums

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Advertising Posters, Foreign Museums

Advertising Posters, Foreign Museums







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A collection of posters using arms and armour or connected material, advertising foreign museums etc. including:, 1: France: Salon de Provence, Chateau de l'Emperi: 'Gardes Royales et Imperiales, June - October 1971, 2: France: Salon de Provence, Chateau de l'Emperi: 'Armes a feu francaises de 1650 and 1918'. May-November 1972, continued 1973, 3: France: Salon de Provence, Chateau de l'Emperi: 'Soldats de la Grande Guerre; Francais et Allemands des Flandres aux Vosges', June-November 1973, continued in 1974, 4: France: La Seyne sur Mer, Fort de Balaguier; Musee Naval, about 1975, 5: France: Musee de l'Armee, Paris: 'L'Arsenal'. about 1980, 6: France: Musee de l'Armee, Paris: 'Salle Henri IV'. about 1980, 7: France: Musee de l'Armee, Paris: 'Salle des Emblemes'. about 1980, 8: France: Musee de Normandie, Caen: 'La Normandie dans la guerre de Cent Ans, 1346-1450.' June-October 1999, 9: France: Musee Dobree, Nantes: 'Les armes du Comte de Rochebrune', starting February 2001. 2 copies, 10: France/Monaco: Sotheby Parke Bernet Monaco: Ventes a Monaco, 5-8 October 1980: inc. Florey collection, 11: Germany: Augsburg, Rathaus & Zeughaus: 'Welt im Umbruch; Augsburg zwischen Renaissance und Barock.' June - September 1980, 12: Germany: Brunswick; Braunschweigisches Landesmuseum, Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum: 'Stadt im Wandel; Kunst und Kultur des Buergertums in Norddeutschland, 1150-1650', August-November 1985, 13: Germany: Coburg, Kunstsammlung Veste Coburg, 14: Germany: Coburg, Kunstsammlung Veste Coburg: 'Jagdwaffen 16-20JH.', Abt. 1980, 15: Germany: Dresden, Historisches Museum, 16: Germany: Landshut and Munich: 'Wittelsbach und Bayern'. Three exhibitions to mark the eight hundredth anniversary of the rule of the Wittelsbach family over Bavaria. Summer 1980, 17: Germany: Solingen: Deutsches Klingenmuseum, Solingen-Grafrath. Abt. 1984, 18: Germany: Solingen: Deutsches Klingenmuseum: 'Die Kunst der Samurai', September - December 1984, 19: Austria: Innsbruck: Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum; 'Die Innsbrucker Plattnerkunst', June - September, 1954. 7 copies, 20: Austria: Innsbruck: Zeughaus: 'Maximilian I. Innsbruck'. June -October 1969. 2 copies, 21: Austria: Graz: Landesbibliothek am Joanneum; 'Graz als Residenz Inneroesterreich 1564-1619', May-September 1964, 22: Austria: Vienna: Ost. Nationalbibliothek, Albertina, Waffensammlung des Kunsthist. Museums: 'Ausstellung Kaiser Maximilian I', June - September 1959, 23: Austria: Vienna: Waffensammlung des Kunsthistorischen Museums: 'Florenzhilfe: Waffen': July - October 1970, 24: Switzerland: Basel: Historisches Museum, 25: Switzerland: Bern: Historisches Museum, Bern: 'Vom Schweizerdolch zum Bajonett'. Abt. 1980, 26: Poland: Cracow: Wawel Castle: 'Entsatz von Wein 1683', September-December 1983, 27: Poland: Cracow: Wawel Castle: 'Odsiecz Wiedenska 1683'. The Polish language version of the poster for this exhibition, but using the left-hand portion of a painting of a battle outside the walls of Vienna, 28: Italy: Brescia: Palazzo della Loggia: 'Armi antiche dal Museo Civico L. Marzoli; dai Missaglia ai Cominazzo.' June - September 1969. 2 copies, 29: Italy: Florence: Museo Bardini: 'Armi e armati; arte e cultura delle armi nella Toscana e nell'Italia del tardo Rinascimento'. March - June 1989, 30: Sweden: Stockholm: Armemuseum: 'Alla Kungens Hastar och alla Kungens Man'. [Exhibition of tin soldiers] April - August 19??, 31: Holland: [Amsterdam]: Rijksmuseum: 'Bourgondische Pracht' 29 July - 1 October [1951], 32: Holland: Leiden: Museum 'De Lakenhal': 'Dutch Firearms of the 17th & 18th Centuries'. Flyer for exhibition, July-September 1978. 2 copies, 33: USA: Cody: Buffalo Bill Historical Center: Winchester Museum, 34: USA: International Museum Tour, 1991-1995, Sponsored by Smith and Wesson; Curated by Connecticut Valley Historical Museum: 'Artistry in Arms; the guns of Smith & Wesson'. 1991-1995, 35: USA: Seattle: Seattle Art Museum Pavilion at Seattle Center: 'The Art of Chivalry; European arms and armor from The Metropolitan Museum of Art'. March - June 1982, 36: Spain: Madrid, La Real Armeria del Palacio de Oriente. 2 copies


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