'Instruttione de' Bombardieri' by Ferdinando Pasquali

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'Instruttione de' Bombardieri' by Ferdinando Pasquali

'Instruttione de' Bombardieri' by Ferdinando Pasquali







Scope and Content

Text in Italian, Comprises:

f. 1v Saint Barbara, with a tower and a cannon behind her, holding a bundle of flaming arrows, in a foliate frame, supported by two winged boys, with a winged boy's head above,
f. 2 Title page: 'Instruttione de' Bombardieri, contenuta in breve delle cose piu utili da sapersi per tale essercitio e virtu. Studio di Ferdinando Pasquali, Alfiere de Bomb. di C.S. Angelo di Roma & ora Capo Bombardiere della Fortezza Urbana. Decorated with a yet unidentified shield of arms: Divided per fess, above, azure, a crowned eagle argent, below, checky sable and argent surmounted by a band argent. Supported by winged nake boys, the whole under a crown made up of four fleur de lys, divided by three spikes surmounted by balls,
f. 2v Dedication,
f. 3 A gunner's instruments; composition of gunpowder; manufacture of saltpetre, f. 3v Types of cannon and their charges,
f. 4 And their sizes. Fireworks,
f. 4v How to prove cannon of different types,
f. 5 Names and ranges of modern artillery,
f. 6 Illustrations of a gunner's rule and a field gun fire point blank,
f. 6v Illustrations of a gunner's quadrant and its use to measure elevation,
f. 7 Illustrations of an adjustable sight and its use,
f. 7v Diagrams and section of two types of fire pots and grenades,
f. 8 Diagrams of cartridges and 'lanterns' and how to prove artillery,
f. 8v Plan of a regular five sided fortification, with bulwarks,
f. 9 Section through a rampart and diagram of a pertard,
f. 9v Illustration of a mortar on its bed and its ranges,
f. 10,
f. 10v Illustrations of three types of incendiary device,
f. 11 Diagrams of how to construct ladels for each type of gun,
f. 11v Illustrations of the finished ladels, and of rammers, sponges and worms,
f. 12 The parts of a field carriage,
f. 12v The shapes of the three main types of gun,
f. 13 Method of finding the calibre of a piece from the diameter of the iron ball, and of calculating allowances for windage,
f. 13v Ingenius one-wheeled carriage which rotates round a fixed post,
f. 14 Multi-barrelled organ gun,
f. 14v Methods of delivering incendiary devices: a mortar on a foot and a multi-shot 'tromba',
f. 15 Two diagrams of grenades,
ff. 15v-16 Receipts for incendiary devices,
ff. 17-18 Blank


1 manuscript

Physical Characteristics / Technical Requirements

7.9 inches x 5.8 inches (20 cm x 14.5 cm). Written in ink in an italic hand. 18 leaves, bound in a single section. Paper with a water mark of a 'fleurs delys', with a spear-head at the apex and a circle at the base of the stem. Binding of gilt decorated vellum, with the remains of ? red silk ties.

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