Montmorency Armours

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Montmorency Armours

Montmorency Armours


CRIP 4/1/69 [Vol. 93]



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Labelled 'Montmorency Armours' on spine, Includes drafts, original photographs, research notes and the final print of the two articles by F.H. Cripps-Day, 'The Armours of Anne de Montmorency, Constable of France, and of his sons' which appeared in The Connoisseur (June and September 1944), Also includes:

1: Letter from James Mann, dated 31.vii.26, sending a reference to an article on the Book Cyphers of Henri II...,

2: The Connoisseur cover for June 1944 with sketches of labelled 'French Suits with Cyphers and Engravings in B.M.' stuck to the back,

3: The Connoisseur cover for September 1944, with a photograph of a ceramic plate with a cypher stuck to the back,

4: Photograph of two effigies, male in armour and female, on tomb,

5: Cover of 'La Revue de l'art' (September-October 1928),

6: Detail of male effigy, showing arms on surcoat,

7: 'The Armours of Anne de Montmorency, Constable of France, and of his sons', I and II, by F.H. Cripps-Day, with originals of photographs used in the article, but with some photographs extracted,

8: 'Le Monument funeraire du coeur d'Anne de Montmorency, connetable de France' by F.H. Cripps-Day, extracted from the 'Gazette des Beaux-Arts' XVIII [5 series], pp. 62-74,

9: 'L'armure aux Lions' by Ch. Buttin, extracted from 'La Revue de l'art' LIV (September-October 1928) [see cover above], pp. 152-161,

10: 'Un portrait de Francois de Montmorency a l'exposition des marechaux', by Charles Buttin, 'La Revue de l'Art' XLII (July-August 1922), pp. 91-99,

11: 'Armures et portraits des Montmorency', by Charles Buttin, 'La Revue de l'Art' XLV (January 1924), pp. 265-279; and XLV (April 1924), pp. 207-216,

12: 'L'armure de Francois de Montmorency et le talisman de M.W. Deonna', by Charles Buttin, 'La Revue de l'Art' XLVI (September-October 1924), pp. 69-71


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