Some Portraits in Armour

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Some Portraits in Armour

Some Portraits in Armour


CRIP 4/1/68 [Vol. 92]



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Labelled 'Some Portraits in Armour' containing letters, drafts of articles, etc, Contains:

1. 'The Bemelberg suit & portrait: my notes 1927.' ff. 17 typescript; 4 ff. mss, 2 letters, 4 ff. mss all from F.M. Kelly, and negative of portrait,
2. 'An armour and portrait of Johann Friedrich, Elector of Saxony (1503 - 1554)'. ff. 10 typescript,
3. 'The rarity of armour portraits'. ff. 50 of typescript, the first draft corrected and amended in mss, the second a 'clean' copy,
4. 3 ff. of notes in the hand of C.R. Beard of notes on the subject of armour portraits,
5. 19 ff. of further corrections and redraftings in the hand of FHCD,
6. Draft of 'Appendix BB': Some documents dealing with armour purchased for the Tower Armoury in the nineteenth century.' ff. 4, typescript and mss


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  CRIP 4/1/68 [Vol. 92] - Some Portraits in Armour