Armour Various

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Armour Various

Armour Various


CRIP 4/1/67 [Vol. 91]



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Labelled 'Armour Various' on spine, containing letters, drafts of articles, typescripts, sketches and some original engravings and photographs, the majority listed on the fly-leaf of the book, The majority listed on the fly-leaf of the book:

1. Letter from Charles Beard, undated, about the Lion armour, II.89,

2. 'Rough draft of my article on Genouilhac suit'. ff. 20 ms. and typescript,

3. 'Prince Henry's Joinville suit by C.R. Beard'. ff. 19 typescript. With 3 portraits of Henry Prince of Wales, 8 mss pages of notes on dated inventories and suits ascribed to James I, Henry Prince of Wales and Charles I, engraved portrait of Charles I inserted,

4. 'Ditto'. Typed transcript of the same article, ff.19, 1 page of notes on 'Suits of Prince Henry' and the Vertue engraving of the Isaac Oliver portrait,

5. 'Buckhurst suit by C.R. Beard.' ff. 14 of carbon-copied typescript,

6. 'Chartres armour by C.R. Beard.' ff. 28 typescript and ff. 35,

7. 'Mendlesham armour', including 2 letters from Arthur Mayfield, dated Oct 15/20 and Nov.8/20 ff. 20 of typescript description and catalogue [? transcript of Mayfield's pamphlet],

8. 'Corselet etc of CRB'. 'Notes on the Corslet, Halecret, Almain Rivet, 'Plastron a Courroies' etc.' ff. 51 typescript,

9. 'Kelly on Mail'. ff. 8 of manuscript, signed F.M. Kelly,

10. 'Settle breasts'. Letter from C.B. Stevenson, Curator of the Laing Art Gallery & Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne, sending photographs of the breastplates and 'a copy of the descriptive label in the case with your kind gift'. Much corrected draft of: ''Two old breastplates dug up at Settle', by Francis Henry Cripps Day'. ff. 9 typescript, corrected and amended in manuscript,

11. 'Order of St. John etc. by F.H.C.D.': 'Order of St. John written by FHCD for a frience of W.B. Clodes, 1930'. ff. 28 of typescript [2 copies of article] and an article extracted from the 'Times Literary Supplement' (April 27, 1933),

12. 'Sedan armour by FHCD'. 'An Armour from Sedan'. ff. 8 of typescript, 13. Letter from F.M. Kelly, dated 14 Nov. 1940, and 8 ff. of mss. notes on armour terminology


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  CRIP 4/1/67 [Vol. 91] - Armour Various