[Accomplishment in the secret arts, illustrated], 'Geijutsu Hiden Zue' by Omori Sakon, with illustrations by Utagawa Kuniyoshi.

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[Accomplishment in the secret arts, illustrated], 'Geijutsu Hiden Zue' by Omori Sakon, with illustrations by Utagawa Kuniyoshi.

[Accomplishment in the secret arts, illustrated], 'Geijutsu Hiden Zue' by Omori Sakon, with illustrations by Utagawa Kuniyoshi.







Scope and Content

Published at Edo (Tokyo), mid-spring, Ansei 2 (1855), Text in Japanese, The illustrations show:

p. 7, A commander seated on a chair of state,
p. 8-9, Two soldiers on their kneeds before two commanders,
p. 10-11, A mounted commander, his horse held by a footman facing a mounted soldier with a matchlock gun across his back,
p. 12, Two soldiers loading matchlock guns on horseback,
p. 13, A soldier aiming his gun between his horse's ears,
pp. 14-15, A mounted soldier on a rearing horse startled by the discharge of a pistol held by another mounted soldier,
pp. 16-17, Mounted soldier discharging his pistol at his pursuers who are following him with a matchlock gun,
p. 18, A dismounted soldier aiming his pistol beneath his horse,
p. 19, A dismounted soldier steadying his aim across his horse's saddle,
pp. 20-21, A mounted soldier discharging a handgun from each hand at infantry. In the background two mounted soldiers hold their pistols pointing up in the air,
pp. 22-23, Two ranks of mounted soldiers armed with matchlock guns,
pp. 24-25, A mounted solider carrying a pan riding towards a row of footman aiming their guns at him,
pp. 26-27, A row of dismounted samurai shooting at night,
p. 28, Three men clearing/loading guns, in the foreground three others are carrying faggots,
pp. 30-31, Two rows of infantry are aiming at each other: one group are steadying their aim by means of rope slings through their belts. Advocated as a method of firing at night,
pp. 32-33, Another group steadying their aim by means of slings round their toes: behind them are support troops with boxes of equipment slung across their backs,
pp. 34-35, Kneeling soldiers taking aim at an army across a river: spare match support stuck in the ground,
p. 36, Support troops with supply boxes,
pp. 38-39, Aiming cannon on wheeled carriages: one has a matchlock, the other is fired by a match twisted round a rod, the end threaded through a hold,
pp. 40-41, Cannon on a carriage hidden behind a mat on a frame,
pp. 42-43, Aiming a cannon by means of two rods stuck in a river bed,
pp. 44-45, Matchlock gunners aiming at bowmen in the rain,
pp. 46-47, Matchlocks with box covers over the locks to protect them from rain. Covered match carriers,
pp. 48-49, Box covers for cannon-locks: the system was also advocated for night work,
pp. 50-51, Tent improvised over gun and gunner,
pp. 52-53, Soldiers firing guns across a portable protective fence,
pp. 54-68, Various methods of crossing a river with guns and different kinds of equipment including inflatable belts,
pp. 69-70, Commanders and a general


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Original cover, embossed with a howitzer on its carriage (front) and a mortar on a wheeled bed (back). One of three volumes. Title page, 7 pages of text, 22 pages of illustrations, 1 page of text, 7 pages of illustrations, 1 page of text, 32 pages of illusration, 1 page of text. a booksellers collation in German on the fly-lead. Ownership note, Ch. Poruck on the back cover

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Creator(s) Omori Sakon