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Keystone Press Agency - War Baby

Keystone Press Agency - War Baby




KEY 2 [GK/3450]



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A series of thirty photographs entitled 'A war baby goes to the Tower' taken by the photographer George Konig for the Keystone Press Agency [GK.3450], Two of the photographs are missing and the label of one has been ripped leaving only a fragment,


28 Photographs

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Administrative / Biographical History

Since January the first when it re-opened for the first time snce the war began, the Tower of London has been doing boom business. It has known a peak of 5,000 heads a day; and even during January's bleak cold snap, 500 people a day braved the frost to retrace the steps of British history.&&&Responsible for the boom, besides Allied service men, was Britain's new 'crop' of war babies whose only contact with the Tower has been the sight of its fascinating turrets and bulwarks - from the outside. Now, with most of its towers re-opened to visitors and armour repaired and refurbished, thousands of London parents are being plagued by their children to take them on the treat their imaginations have enlarged by hearsay - a Day at the Tower.&&&Among the thousands of lucky ones so far was 5-year old Stephanie Noble of Brixton. This picture feature records her excursion. [from the notes printed inside the front cover of the folder]


Creator(s) George Konig


KEY 2/1 [GK/3450 1] - You must have your photo taken'
KEY 2/2 [GK/3450 2] - 5 year old Stephanie Noble realises an exciting ambition, as she it taken through the gates of the tower of London
KEY 2/3 [GK/3450 3] - She follows the ghosts'
KEY 2/4 [GK/3450 4] - A yeoman to take the tickets'
KEY 2/5 [GK/3450 5] - The yeoman from the N.W. frontier'
KEY 2/6 [GK/3450 6] - Archbishop Laud looked out of that window... '
KEY 2/7 [GK/3450 7] - The yeoman who knows it all'
KEY 2/8 [GK/3450 8] - Raleigh wrote his 'History' here
KEY 2/9 [GK/3450 9] - She has been told about the Bloody Tower. Now she seet it ....
KEY 2/10 [GK/3450 10] - A Yeoman comes to life'
KEY 2/11 [GK/3450 11] - The drawbridge is a bit too heavy'
KEY 2/12 [GK/3450 12] - The cavalcade of knights'
KEY 2/13 [GK/3450 13] - A war baby is entraptured'
KEY 2/14 [GK/3450 14] - Dream knight'
KEY 2/15 [GK/3450 15] - A war baby finds the gibbet is fun'
KEY 2/16 [GK/3450 16] - She see the block and axe'
KEY 2/17 [GK/3450 17] - You can climb easier with your tongue out'
KEY 2/18 [GK/3450 18] - Thirteen acres can be tiring'
KEY 2/19 [GK/3450 19] - Bringing the 16th century up to date'
KEY 2/20 [GK/3450 20] - There are so many steps'
KEY 2/21 [GK/3450 21] - The Waterloo Barracks'
KEY 2/22 [GK/3450 22] - Steffi meets a pike-man'
KEY 2/23 [GK/3450 23] - It's all a long way away'
KEY 2/24 [GK/3450 24] - New Light on Tower Bridge'
KEY 2/25 [GK/3450 25] - She stood in the sentry box, too'
KEY 2/26 [GK/3450 26] - But now my feet are tired'
KEY 2/27 [GK/3450 27] - Story without words. 1'
KEY 2/28 [GK/3450 28] - Griff is shocked. Story without words. 2'
KEY 2/29 [GK/3450 29] - Griff is hostile. Story without words. 3'
KEY 2/30 [GK/3450 30] - Missing