Manuscript entitled, 'Vocobolar di Artiglieria'

Object Title

Manuscript entitled, 'Vocobolar di Artiglieria'

Manuscript entitled, 'Vocobolar di Artiglieria'




MANN 26/5



Scope and Content

Contents include:

ff. 1-12 Water colour drawings of cannon and mortars, with manuscript 'keys' on the pages opposite,
ff. 13-17 Gun and mortar carriages, with keys,
ff. 18-22 Gunners' tools and ammunition,
ff. 23-24 Mortars, mortar beds and bombs,
f. 41 Powder magazine,
ff. 42-66 Artillery machines and wagons and their parts,
ff. 67-78 Wood reserve for the artillery,
ff. 69-79 Miscellaneous ironwork, including nails,
f. 80 Grid and tongs for red-hot shot,
ff. 81-87 Portcullis, iron gates and other siege engines,
f. 88 Ropes,
ff. 89-109 Laboratory, firework and bomb-making equipment, including fuses,
f. 110 Armoury, showing muskets on racks,
ff. 111-114 Firearms and their compenent parts,
ff. 115-116 Staff weapons,
f. 117 Miscellaneous swords and bayonets,
ff. 118-119 Armour,
ff. 120-131 Armourer's forge, tools and equipment,
ff. 132-138 Woodworker's tools and shop,
ff. 139-141 Blacksmith's forge and tools,
ff. 142-143 Turner's lathe and tools,
ff. 144-145 Tools for cooper and sheet-metal workers,
ff. 149-151 Sappers and miners tools,
f. 152 Scales,
ff. 153-161 Various types of portable boats and pontoons,
ff. 162-168 Harness for horses, oxen, mules, etc,
ff. 169-175 Tools, equipment and methods for gun-founding,
ff. 183-192 Gunpowder manufacture, f
f. 193-196 Manufacture of saltpetre,
ff. 197-211 Plans and elevations of the arms manufactory at Valdocco, with illustrations and machinery



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Physical Characteristics / Technical Requirements

Volume entitled on the spine, with a decorated dedication page including cannon with the arms of Savoy and other militlary trophies. Dedication: 'Disegni d'ogni sorta de cannoni et Mortari con tutte le Pezze, St Stromenti et Utigly appartenenti all' Artiglieria come anche le piante, alzate et profili di tutte le Machine, Edifizy et Ordegni necessary per la medema, l'Anno 1732'.

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  MANN 26/5 - Manuscript entitled, 'Vocobolar di Artiglieria'