Franz Buschmann, Papers

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Franz Buschmann, Papers

Franz Buschmann, Papers


early 20th century





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The Buschmann papers, including death certificate, photograph and cigarette case
RAR.1520/1: typescript copy of Eng translation of RAR.1520/2
RAR.1520/2: Typescript copy of letter from Buschmann dated 18.10.1915 in French (?to his goaler)
RAR.1520/3: Handwritten envelope and letter from Valerie Buschmann to Henry Francis Garrett; undated - London postmark 10Jan16
RAR.1520/4a & b - roneo'd copy of charges against Buschmann, top page stamped "TOP SECRET", with words and phrases cut out.
RAR.1520/5: studio photograph of Buschmann
RAR.1520/6: Medical certificate of death signed by Francis Woodbridge Goodbody
RAR.1520/7: silver cigarette case with Birmingham hallmarks and date letter for 1910, by Elkington.Engraved with c-o-a of GB and Imperial Germany on one side and motto “Campestris Aemulatio Fiat Amicitiae conciliato” (Let friendships level rivalry) on the other.

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Creator(s) Franz Buschmann