DUPLICATE RECORD. Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Photographs of Armour

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DUPLICATE RECORD. Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Photographs of Armour

DUPLICATE RECORD. Sir James Gow Mann - Papers - Photographs of Armour





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Contains illustrations and a few notes and press cuttings extracted from box files labelled by JGM himself, Now grouped in the following archival envelopes:, 2/1. Envelope labelled 'Simmonds - Photos of armour at Norton Hall 1921' [Simmonds was the restorer who worked at the Wallace Collection and who seems to have been available for private work. He worked on the Pitt Rivers collection. These Norton Hall photographs are labelled as having been taken before and after cleaning and, sometimes, repair], Wallace Collection file, labelled 'English private collections: Viscount Gage: Catalogue of European Arms and Armour', containing a typescript catalogue by Richard Williams 1922, with a letter from Richard Williams, dated Jan. 30, 1955, commenting on the catalogue, File labelled 'Redfern Collection & drawings by him', File labelled 'Pitt-Rivers Collection, Dorset. Sold 1930'. Photographs and correspondence, Photographs of a composite suit at Hatfield House and an extract from The Sketch (March 1949), describing Hatfield House and showing the armoury. Cf. correspondence of JGM with Lord Salisbury. Also a cutting from The Times (2nd April 1949) announcing the opening of Penshurst Place to he public, with a photograph of the display of arms and armour in the crypt, 2/2. Envelope labelled 'Photographs from Sotheby: Arms and armour used for advertisements in Burlington Magazine, pre-1962', File labelled 'Photographs of Armour given me by Bell 1958 to be identified. ? some of them Hearst or Furmage.' A photograph of a 'life-sized figure carved in wood' of a man in armour, with a detailed description, dated 'JGM, 2-ii-62', 2/3. File labelled 'Dino Collection' in JGM's hand and 'Stibbert, Ressman & Dino' in that of the Baron de Cosson, File labelled 'Various' in the hand of the Baron de Cosson, with pencilled notes: 'Franchetti, Bachereau, Osma, Szecheny' in that of JGM, Collection of unlabelled old photographs, ? from the Baron de Cosson. This series includes a group of photographs of arms and armour all described as 'Forgery' in the hand of the Baron de Cosson


1 box; Photographs


Creator(s) Sir James G. Mann